This private gym pod in Riyadh is perfect for a solo workout

It’s also perfect for taking gym selfies without getting judged…

Too intimidated to set foot inside a gym? Crowded gyms putting you off your fitness routine? Forget waiting around for equipment or feeling self-conscious on the gym floor.

Here’s introducing TagPod, the newest exercise alternative in Riyadh that provides a unique approach to fitness with its spacious, well-equipped gym pod.

So how exactly does this private gym pod work in practice? We stop by to snoop about.


Located in the middle of a park in the Diplomatic Quarter, TagPod isn’t your run-of-the-mill gym. But one of the main draws is that it offers a glimpse of the lush garden surrounding the area.

As a private gym, TagPod offers many perks for both beginners and fitness experts to enjoy alike. The obvious ones being that you get the convenience of having all the equipment to yourself, and there is no queuing for gym equipment or other distractions you get in a typical gym. Basically, it allows you to get the most out of your workout session without worrying about having other people around.


If you think a workout in a gym pod is a stuffy affair, this one proves you wrong. Equipped with all the usual suspects – a treadmill, a flat bench, a step machine, kettlebells, jump rope, a full rack of dumbbells, and more – you’ll be impressed by how well-spaced out it is. Plus, there’s enough room to comfortably lay out a yoga mat for a cool-down stretch.

TagPod also curates fitness content across a variety of levels. For some workout inspiration, it provides virtual classes through tutorial videos on the flat-screen TV for an easy-to-follow routine. This way, you’ll still have the privacy of a solo workout.


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Other conveniences in this private gym space include a changing room and free water. The pod can also accommodate a maximum of three people, so you can bring along a gym buddy or a personal trainer.

To book the space, simply download the TagPod app, book your session, and scan your QR code to enter. Inspired to start your exercise habit? Book a session at TagPod gym for a crowd-free workout.

Tag Pod Gym, Diplomatic Quarter, Richard Bödeker Park, Alradaef St, Al Safarat, Riyadh 12511, daily 7am to midnight. Tel: 054 065 9090. SAR149 per hour. @tagpod.sa

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