Witness the stunning Manganiyar performances in Riyadh

There will be 40 singers participating…

Nights out don’t get much more unique than this. There’s so much happening in Riyadh at the moment, and the cool things to do just keep coming. Take the traditional Manganiyar performances in Riyadh for instance, they have to be an unmissable event for so many, and you can snap up tickets right now.

The traditional Indian folk group is headed to Saudi Arabia next week for five days full of music, culture, and endless breathtaking performances. The event will involve a jaw-dropping 40 singers and instrumentalists within a magnificent 36-windowed structure with curtains opening to reveal each of the talented performers. From the outside looking in, the structure resembles a gorgeous jewellery box complete with slow-blinking light bulbs and an all-red aesthetic.

The performances will be happening from Tuesday June 13 until Saturday June 17 at the Cultural Palace in the Diplomatic Quarter.

Tickets for the performances are divided into four tiers including standard for SAR150, gold for SAR250, platinum for SAR350 and VIP for SAR400.

Traditionally, the Manganiyars are a local community inhabiting the desert of Rajasthan which is famous for its folk songs that are passed down from generation to generation. Popular instruments used in the performances include the kamaicha (17-stringed bowed instrument), khartaal (a kind of castanet), and dholak (drum).  The collective is considered a global music sensation, so we’re likely in for a treat.

Manganiyar performances in Riyadh, Cultural Palace, Diplomatic Quarter, from Jun 13 to Jun 17, daily 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Book your tickets here.

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