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An exhibition by Richard Orlinski is coming to Riyadh

The contemporary artist, known for his spectacular pop art works, takes over the capital with his life-size menagerie…

If you think you’ll be seeing giant bears and gorillas in Riyadh, no, you’re not dreaming. An exclusive exhibition by French artist Richard Orlinski, known for his bold, pop art sculptures, will be presented in Via Riyadh, as part of the upcoming Riyadh Season.

According to Riyadh Calendar’s Instagram post, it will be the first publicly displayed Richard Orlinski sculpture in Saudi Arabia.

Imbued with pop culture, the contemporary artist is known for creating a colourful universe inspired by the wildest animals and iconic objects that have marked their generation. He burst on the art scene in 2004 with a bright red resin sculpture of a crocodile.

richard orlinski crocodile

Inspired by pop artists Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Robert Indiana, Orlinski uses industrial materials like resin and aluminium to craft highly pigmented and polished renderings of bears, panthers, and his signature subject, King Kong. Impressive in their size and vibrant colours, Orlinski’s diamond-cut sculptures of wildlife and cultural icons have earned the artist international acclaim.

Whether you’re a fan of Orlinski or just love timeless, pop art-inspired works, you will be pleased to know that these majestic animals will be positioned around Via Riyadh, the stunning new destination in the Saudi capital for shopping, dining and entertainment. They will be carefully installed, and we reckon it will be a particularly laborious challenge, too, in view of their weight, which represents about 500kg, and their scale, nearly five metres for some.

richard orlinski artworks

So, get ready to look forward to the capital being adorned with monumental sculptures, such as the famous Kong, Standing Bear, T-Rex, and Crocodile, transforming the venue with their vibrant colours and daring geometric shapes.

These artworks, visible in all lights, will offer a striking artistic panorama to passers-by, inviting them to embark on a unique artistic journey around Via Riyadh.

Images: Richard Orlinski Instagram