All the incredible K-Dramas coming to Netflix this month

Grab the popcorn…

It’s no secret that the country is very into K-culture, with multiple restaurants and stores dedicated to bringing a slice of the culture to Saudi Arabia. And now you can enjoy a little bit of the culture right in your home. Here are all the incredible K-Dramas coming to Netflix this month.

See You in My 19th Life


A spinoff to a hit webtoon series, See You in My 19th Life follows the story of a woman who remembers all her past lives. During her 18th life, she falls in love thoughtful boy next door, the love story, however, is tragically cut short. In her 19th life, she tries to make her way back to him.

Behind Your Touch

Starring the queen of rom com Han Ji-min plays a veterinarian in a small town, who has a very rare gift of  pyschometry. After she convinces a detective of her abilities, they team up and solve crimes.

Destined with You

Hotshot lawyer played by Rowoon who has it all, but is haunted by a family curse and the woman that is the key to breaking this curse is seemingly normal civil servant played by Cho.

A Time Called You

A girl travels back to 1998 and meets a man who bears an uncanny resemblance resemblance to her late boyfriend but has a completely different personality.


A college student navigates life and school while dealing with a unique circumstance. He’s living with a former K-Pop sensation played by real-life former K-Pop star Suzy.