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Your complete guide to all the Saudi Seasons

The calendar includes all the events you’ve grown to love…

While the Kingdom might not have much to offer when it comes to seasons (seeing as we usually see majorly see summer), there are some Saudi Seasons we’re more than excited to welcome back each time. The Saudi Seasons are events that happen each year across multiple different locations, and here’s everything you need to know about them.

Saudi Seasons

Over the years, the seasons have hosted pretty much everything including huge football matches, anime events, gaming events, and even costume parties too. It’s safe to say that whatever time of year you decide to check out, there’s usually one festival happening in one part of Saudi.

When were the seasons launched?

The Saudi Seasons initiative was launched by The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage way back in 2019. Complete with plans to host 11 festivals across multiple regions of Saudi Arabia. All the events are planned and led by a number of Saudi authorities including the Ministry of Culture, General Authority for Entertainment, General Sport Authority and the Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau.

How many Saudi Seasons happen each year?

At the moment, there are 11 seasons taking place at different times of the year. These include Riyadh Season, Jeddah season. Sharqiyah Season, Taif Season, Al Soudah Season, Aseer Season, Diriyah Season, AlUla season, Ha’il Season, Ramadan Season, Eid Season, and now a fun Gamers8 Season too.

The schedule

Sharqiyah Season is the kicks off festival season. It begins in March and typically lasts for two weeks. Jeddah Season is up next beginning in May and ending in June. It consists of events focused on watersports, including boating activities and a yacht club.

Aseer Season includes adventure activities, live entertainment, dining events and usually happens from July until September. Right in between Aseer Season is when Taif Season also kicks off in August. The events during Taif Season are predominantly focused on celebrating the heritage of Saudi Arabia.

Then we have our personal favourite, Riyadh Season. Riyadh Season is the biggest festival of its kind in the whole GCC, it’s also the longest, beginning in October and ending in January (sometimes earlier).

There’s also Diriyah Season which typically begins alongside Riyadh Season (October) and ends around the same time too (January). The season is usually more sports-focused events like equestrian competitions, boxing championships and more. Lastly, we also have AlUla Season, which is better known as Winter at Tantora where the events are more focused on enjoying the gorgeous views and more high-end events like luxury fashion shows and more.

We also get to enjoy a foodie-focused Ramadan Season during the holy month and a festive Eid Season during Eid Al-Fitr.

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