Add that to your bucket list: 10 must do things when visiting Jeddah

From drive-thru coffee to World Heritage sites…

Jeddah is full of wonderful experiences waiting to be explored and discovered. There are countless things to get involved in, in the city but some of them truly are bucket list items. This is why we have decided to round up the bucket list of things to do when you’re in Jeddah.

Whether you’re a local, a new resident or just visiting here are 10 bucket list things to do in Jeddah. 

Rent a bike on the corniche

bucket list things to do in Jeddah

While the Jeddah Corniche is a beautiful expanse of food trucks and glamorous hotels, there is also a dedicated space for walking or cycling along the 30-kilometre seaside venue. Rent a bike and wander around the stunning area, stop off for a drink or a bite to eat or race your friends from one end to the other. On a good day, you might be able to spot sting rays and fish in the water. You can rent a bike from various stalls, prices vary.

Visit Al Rahmah Mosque

bucket list things to do in Jeddah

While on your ride around the Jeddah Corniche, a bucket list must-see in the city is the Al Rahmah Mosque. Perched on the waters of the Red Sea, Al  Rahmah Mosque is a marvellous creation that at high tide seems as though it is floating on the water, which is where it garnered the name ‘floating mosque’.

Al Rahmah Mosque, Jeddah Cornciche, open 4pm to 9pm. 

Experience the world’s fastest street race

Once a year the race comes around, and when it does it races through Jeddah. The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia is a must see experience. The track that the racers rip around is the fastest street track in the F1 calendar. It is also one of only five other night races that take place during the tournament.

Race typically takes place in March. formula1.com

Deep dive into the roots of Jeddah

bucket list things to do in Jeddah

At the Taybet Museum, visitors can take a deep dive into the heritage and culture of Islam starting at the basis of the five pillars of Islam. The exhibits include intricate re-creations of the pilgrimage to Makkah, including the Kaaba. The museum also features exhibits about the development of Jeddah and how Saudi Arabia was formed.

Taybet Museum, Raihanat Al Jazirah, Al Faisaliyyah, District, open Sat to Thu 8am to midday and 5pm to 9pm. Tel: (0)50 567 5465 visitsaudi.com

Gelato from Jeddah’s favourite

If you have been to Jeddah but didn’t stop at Como Gelato, you didn’t really visit Jeddah. The gelateria is located on Prince Sultan Road and has been in the city for over 15 years. Flavours change regularly but one that is always available and that we highly recommend is their signature, Como.

Como Gelato, Lillian Towers, Prince Sultan Road, open 9am to 1am. @comogelato

Pick up a piece of rich heritage in Al Balad

Jeddah Al Balad

You can’t have the old without the new. The oldest town in Jeddah is still alive and well, Al Balad or the Jeddah Historic District is a gateway to exploring old Jeddah. Part of Al Balad includes the Gate to Mekkah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to the 7th century BC when it was established as a port for Indian Ocean trade routes.

Grab a bite to eat from a food truck

Scattered all around the city as you drive around you will find food truck spots on the side of the road. While it may not seem like much some of these food trucks are home to some delicious and reasonably priced grub.

Spot one of the famous roundabouts

Jeddah is so well known for its roundabouts, there is even a table book dedicated to the roundabouts of Jeddah. No, we’re not joking and yes it may seem a bit strange, however, the city’s major roundabouts all feature some sort of beautiful sculpture that is just waiting to be discovered. From giant Turkish coffee pots to a protractor and a compass, more recently we spotted one that was a sculpture of a car, atop a magic carpet in the clouds.

Swinging times at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club

While it’s not entirely in Jeddah this golf course is one of the top courses in the city and is host to the Liv Golf tournament that has taken place since 2021, as well as the Aramco Team Series women’s golf. Not only can you catch the tournaments there throughout the year, but the golf course is also open to the public year round.

The Royal Greens Golf and Country Club, King Abdullah Economic City. royalgreens.net

Drive-thru coffee


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Found on the side of the road and at just about every petrol station, drive-thru coffee shops are all over the city. Not something that can easily be found elsewhere, which makes it a bucket list item in Jeddah. We recommend stopping in for a brew-tiful cup of coffee on your next drive through the city.

Images: Supplied, Getty and socials