AlUla Masterplan: All you need to know about Path to Prosperity

More great spaces in AlUla Central and South for all to live, work, and play in…

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has released its masterplan for the sustainable transformation of the core urban area spanning Central and South AlUla.

AlUla South and Central Masterplan Launch

The new plan, known as Path to Prosperity, will guide RCU and serve Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative by diversifying the economy and uplifting the local population as AlUla becomes a thriving and sustainable destination that conserves cultural and natural heritage.

What is the Path to Prosperity?

The Path to Prosperity masterplan is a blueprint for comprehensive development focused on enhancing the quality of life for the residents of AlUla.

AlUla South and Central Masterplan Launch

It will provide essential infrastructure, facilities and services for residents, visitors, and businesses in AlUla Central and South by increasing land usage for housing and boosting economic opportunities.

Directing the next stage of AlUla’s regeneration, Path to Prosperity will create a network of new, vibrant city centres, each with a convenient and expansive collection of amenities, services, and green spaces.

AlUla South and Central Masterplan Launch

The new masterplan will establish public spaces to enrich the lives of AlUla’s community and its growing population. There will be public facilities and beautiful green open spaces to promote an active and social lifestyle.

Path to Prosperity’s urban progression will be integrated with AlUla’s wadi, providing the community with a deep and tangible connection with the natural environment and AlUla’s rich cultural landscape, further empowering AlUla’s ongoing regeneration as a dynamic and appealing destination to live and work.

AlUla’s unique cultural heritage will also be preserved and promoted by creating new and reimagined community spaces, including unique district and community parks.

AlUla South and Central Masterplan Launch

As a result of the new masterplan, AlUla South will be the new regional capital and heart of county administration, with a mix of businesses, retail, offices, restaurants, and entertainment at its core – also known as the Entertainment, Retail and Business Area.

AlUla Central will be a thriving centre and a meeting place for visitors and residents alike.

Essentially, all of these mean that there will be more great spaces for everyone to live, work, and play in.

How does it contribute to AlUla’s recreational offerings?

AlUla South and Central Masterplan Launch

Path to Prosperity encourages greater uptake of sports through access to new recreational facilities, with AlUla Sports Club & High-Performance Centre, AlUla Private Gym and Mughayra Sports Village being some of the priority projects.

Public spaces for outdoor living will feature outdoor gyms, skate parks, and football pitches.

Can you take a look at the masterplan?

RCU will open a Path to Prosperity exhibition centre so that everyone in AlUla can learn more about what the changes in AlUla Central and South mean for them. It will be located in the Alfareed shopping mall from 4pm to 10pm.

In the meantime, you can find all the updated information about the masterplan here.

Eng. Sultan AlKhuraissi, the RCU chief of county operation, said, “AlUla is entering a new phase of its comprehensive regeneration, boosting prosperity and enhancing the quality of life for our community. The Path to Prosperity masterplan will transform AlUla’s urban core and enable community development with new economic opportunities, businesses, healthcare services, schools and parks. Path to Prosperity is a blueprint for a thriving future honouring our globally significant cultural and natural heritage.”

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