There's a brand-new music festival coming to Jeddah

The festival is coming in all the way from the UK…

By now almost everyone knows that there are no concerts quite like Saudi concerts. So you’ll be happy to know that UK’s Animal Crossing music festival is coming to Jeddah.

Hosted in collaboration with Jeddah-based music event company Avantgarde, the music festival is happening on Friday September 8.

Each music event by Animal Crossing combines elements like sound architecture, visuals, and lighting to fully immerse the audience and engage all five senses. For the Jeddah event, the specially curated showcase is inspired by Saudi culture. The venue will also be complete with foodie offerings and fashion boutiques.

The lineup for the event has been announced. The music festival will be headlined by Dana Ruh, and Animal Crossing’s resident DJs Joey Jackson, DJ and Producer Bowes, and R.O.Y will also be taking the stage. Plus Avantgarde’s very own Saoud Music and Musab will also be performing. 


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Tickets for the event have been released and cost SAR600 for regular admission and a free mocktail too. Gates open at 4.30pm and close at 10.30pm, and the event will begin at 5pm and end at 3am.

Founded in 2018, Animal Crossing is a music and arts collective born out of culture by a group of friends. The brand celebrates the exploration of the human senses and hosts bespoke monthly events in unique locations.

Get ready to hit the dance floor.

Animal Crossing music festival, Jeddah, 5pm to 3am. Book your tickets here. @animalcrossing_music, @avantgarde__me.

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