LA's famed Bianca restaurant and bakery is coming to Riyadh

The venue will be joining the Via Riyadh openings…

The Via Riyadh openings have been some of the biggest of the year including London favourite Scott’s, Wagyumafia, and Les Deux Magots. And now LA’s popular restaurant and bakery Bianca Riyadh is on the list too.

Opening on Friday August 18, the venue comes from the same people behind the popular fine-dining Italian experience Madeo Ristorante in Riyadh and Jeddah too.

Bianca was founded four years ago back in 2019 by two brothers called Gianni and Nicola Vietina to offer Italian, Argentinean and French cuisine reminiscent of their roots. The bakery offers a wide selection of organic bread and decadent pastries baked daily.


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Family is at the heart of the restaurant, Bianca is even named after Nonna Tina (Bianca’s nickname), Gianni and Nicola’s grandmother to pay homage to her charming hospitality. Bianca also means white in Italian, the colour of flour, which is more than just an ingredient at the restaurant. It’s considered a source of nourishment, community, and creativity.

The upscale restaurant strikes the perfect balance between comfort and quality, making for a welcoming atmosphere. The venue offers an elevated dining experience transcending guests to a European destination right in the heart of Riyadh.

The LA venue is full-service and open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant’s seasonal specials are at its core. These include Bianca’s tomato bisque avocado toast, croque madame, grilled gamberoni, and entraña with chimichurri. We’re expecting to see all the classics on the Riyadh menu too.

The interiors of the LA restaurant are bright and airy with access to a lot of natural light inspired by the chefs’ coastal roots inspired by Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany, Italy. So, expect a picturesque dining spot with a ton of carbs on the menu here in Riyadh.

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