Restaurant Review: Business Lunch at Coya Riyadh

Your next go-to lunch spot has been located…

Coya Riyadh first opened its doors last February and became one of Riyadh’s prettiest restaurants and  Coya’s biggest and most beautiful restaurants globally. Since then the renowned Peruvian restaurant has become the perfect venue for a night out on the town and now an even better one for lunch.


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Walk into the space for lunch and you’ll immediately feel like you’ve entered a different dimension of peace and calm. The airy restaurant has some of the most stunning decor we’ve seen in a while. Decked out with a lot of greenery, detail-oriented masks and art, Coya in the afternoon is an entirely different vibe to the venue at night. The atmosphere is more chill and ideal for a quick lunch meeting or if you’re after an escape in the middle of the work day.

COYA Ceviche Counter and drinks bar

One thing that’s consistent is the key house curated beats from Coya Music, the brand’s international music label, which will keep you swaying in your seats while you look over the lunch menu or as they call it, the Batea Peruna or the Batea Peruna Premium.

More about the lunch menu

Something that stands out here with the number of business lunches in Riyadh is the incredible value you get for the price you pay. It’s SAR155 per person for the Batea Peruna and SAR185 for the Batea Peruna Premium and it’s worth every penny.

With both of the set lunch menus, you get a delicious three-course meal with a round of appetisers, a choice of mains and of course dessert too.

COYA main restaurant

For the Batea Peruna (SAR155), appetisers include a can-never-get-enough type of trio de maiz (made with white Jasper onion, corn, Peruvian White corn, jumbo corn, and red chillies), maki roll de aguacate (avocado maki roll), melt-in-your-mouth croquetas de lubina (Chilean sea bass croquettes), a flavourful baos con res de Wagyu (Wagyu baos) and a  unique langostinos tigre anticuchos (shrimp skewers).

And while it’s tempting, don’t fill up on just the apps, the mains to come are just as good, if not better than the first course. You can take your pick between the pollo a la parilla (corn-fed baby chicken), salmon a la brasa (salmon fillet),the creamy arroz nikkei (Chilean sea bass and rice), and the oh-so-tender costillas de res (12-hour slow-cooked beef short ribs) along with a side of patatas bravas (crispy potatoes).

End your meal on a sweet note with the refreshing chicha morada (Peruvian purple corn colada, wild berries, orange shortbread).

Coya Riyadh

At SAR185, the premium menu is also a deal to beat, especially with the amount of food you’re served.
Starting off strong, the appetisers include a selection of maki rol de salmon (salmon maki roll), calamares con ocopa (crispy calamari), a delicious empanada de mariscos (seafood empanada), kale y manchego (kale salad), a Saudi menu special mandarinas ceviche, pollo anticucho (chicken skewer), res anticucho (beef skewer).
For mains, you can dig into pollo a la parilla (corn-fed baby chicken), papa coli y halloumi (Peruvian dried potato, sweet potato, aji amarillo, halloumi), pollo (corn-fed baby chicken and rice), escabeche peruano (chargrilled sea bream in banana leaf), and lomo de res (spicy beef fillet).

Tuck into churros de Naranja (orange and lime churros) dipped into milk chocolate and dulce de leche for dessert and you’re golden.
Overall, the business lunch at Coya Riyadh is just the escape you need in the middle of a busy day or if you’re just out to enjoy a welcome break from the office with colleagues.
Coya Riyadh, 8710 Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St, As Sulimaniyah, Sat to Wed 1pm to midnight, Thu to Fri 1pm to 12.30am. @coyariyadh
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