Buy a Saudi Arabia Railways ticket and pre-book an Uber ride – here’s how

This new integrated transportation service offers the Kingdom’s commuters and tourists greater access to seamless travel…

When looking at things to do in Saudi Arabia, you may be searching for the country’s most popular picks, or perhaps how to get off the beaten path in other parts of the region. The Kingdom has so much to offer in terms of domestic travelling, whether immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the past in Qassim, the lush green landscape of Hofuf, or the great sights of Riyadh.

If you are looking for budget-friendly options for travelling within Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s passenger trains – the Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) – provide a relaxing and convenient way to discover the Kingdom.

SAR x Uber

And now, thanks to a partnership deal between SAR and Uber, travelling to and from SAR stations is even simpler. You can now reserve your rides in advance via Uber Reserve using the SAR website and app while also buying your train ticket.

This first-of-its-kind service marks the first time globally that an Uber Reserve product has been integrated into a public transport service, offering commuters and tourists greater access to seamless travel.

Book your trip in advance

Passengers can pre-book up to four Reserve rides to and from seven train stations across six cities in the Kingdom via the SAR website and app when purchasing train tickets.

Simply select Reserve your ride from the Booking Confirmation page and Uber will take you to or collect you from any SAR station at a time convenient to you.

The new service is available to and from stations in Riyadh, Majmaah and Qassim on the North Train line, and for the East Train, Riyadh, Hofuf, Abqaiq and Dammam. The rail operator also plans to expand services to Hail, Jouf and Qurayyat in the future.

One particularly exciting feature is the ability to book a ride in advance for up to 90 days, providing travellers with greater peace of mind and flexibility when planning their trips. It also ensures a hassle-free end-to-end journey to facilitate more streamlined pick-up and drop-off for commuters at SAR stations.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy a memorable journey as you roll across the country soaking in the views of rippling dunes and sand flats.

Visit: Sar.com.sa

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