Gamers8 concerts: Steve Aoki on all things Saudi Arabia

The major DJ performed in Saudi Arabia last weekend…

Steve Aoki has been one of the biggest names in music for a hot minute. Known for his EDM and big house style of music, Aoki’s been performing in Saudi Arabia since 2019.


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The massive American music producer has also collaborated with major artists like BTS, Louis Tomlinson, Iggy Azalea, and Fall Out Boy. Having released seven studio albums to date, Steve Aoki is one of the most popular artists in the Kingdom. Here, we chatted with him about everything Saudi.

Can you tell us what you think about the entertainment scene in Saudi Arabia?

Steve Aoki: I just walked out there and I saw the crowd, I love the Saudi crowd. I’ve been playing out here since 2019, I did Jeddah, I did MDLBEAST three times, and the Saudi crowd, they are so full of life. They’re just an explosion of energy, passion, and excitement, and this is what an artist dreams to have. For fans to really be expressive, do you hear the crowd out there? This is a beautiful crowd.

What do you think about the culture of Saudi Arabia?

SA: I love the culture. I was wearing a thobe today and I had the shemagh on my head walking around beautiful Riyadh, very hot, it was very very hot, but I still love it. I’m like give me the heat, cause like I’m here, and I’m very happy to be here.

What’s your favourite part about Saudi Arabia?

SA: Well, the culture is so accepting of me. When I come here, everyone is so hospitable and so excited, nice and friendly. I think Saudi culture is a very giving culture, and every time I come here, I really experience and feel that. I think other a lot of cultures can learn from Saudi culture like to be more generous with their energy and their time and I love that so much. I plan on coming back here a lot, who knows, I might move here, you never know, cause like Saudi’s changing, give it like five, ten more years and it’s going to be the tourist destination of the world, everyone will come here and everyone will want to see Saudi. And I just see it, people don’t realise it but it’s happening. This is going to be where everyone wants to be. I live in Las Vegas, that’s where everyone wants to be, this is like that but bigger.

What’s something you love to do when you’re back here in Riyadh?

When I’m here, you know the Boulevard area, this is my favourite. The last time I came here, you guys had all the different countries (Boulevard World), and I stayed four to six fully in the Japan zone because I love anime, so I was spending 30 minutes with each IP, you see Grendizer he’s like a million feet tall, and I’m going to Attack On Titan, I’m seeing Naruto there, I’m checking out Dragon Ball and One Piece, I love anime, and you know what Saudi loves anime. I love gaming, Saudi loves gaming. You’ve got this energy, cause what the country loves here, what the culture loves here, I love. It’s already a match made in heaven, it’s already a romance, and now I’m going to marry Saudi Arabia. Cause I love it, I love it here.

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