Here's what we thought of San Carlo Cicchetti in Jeddah

Sublime and divine…

One staple ingredient that you will find in any Italian recipe is love, okay realistically the answer to that is tomatoes or oregano. But metaphorically speaking the answer is love. At San Carlo Cicchetti, Jeddah, this statement rings true.

Step into a world that is fun and inviting, where the walls are brightly coloured, furniture is a stunning turquoise and bowls of lemons are scattered around the entrance. Everything about San Carlo Cicchetti is clearly well executed and created with finesse.

That’s amore

If you’re looking for ideas on what to order when you visit Cicchetti, we recommend doing exactly what we did: ask your waiter. Although there don’t seem to be any bad dishes on the menu, so even if you’re decisive enough to make the choice for yourself there were quite a few stand-out dishes.

Are you even at an Italian restaurant if you don’t half-fill your stomach with fresh, warm bread? Here, it is accompanied by stracciatella cheese, fresh pesto and a cherry tomato salsa.

For someone who is a lover of Italian food, beyond traditional pasta and pizza, it’s always a delight to see carpaccio on the menu. At San Carlo Cicchetti it is served the way any carpaccio should be, with rocket leaves, plenty of shaved parmesan and of course a squeeze of lemon juice.

When asking the waiter what he would recommend for the main course, an apprehensive “okay” when the lasagna is at the top of the list. Nothing against lasagna, it’s a classic homely dish – that is always best served, well at home. However, topped with freshly grated parmesan, this pasta-layered dish, was a resounding favourite.

A hero of Italian cuisine is always the seafood, yet another instance where San Carlo Cicchetti nails it. Peeling away the thinly sliced fried potatoes, lemony seabass is revealed. Upon the first bite of the lemon butter sauce is tangy and has us scooping up every last morsel of potato with the sauce.

No Italian feast is complete without dessert. A signature at this fine establishment is the Monte Chistallo. Bruleed buffalo milk mousse coated delicately in a caramelised Italian meringue, paired with crumbled biscuits. A sweet, sweet end to a resoundingly wonderful evening.

What’s On Verdict: If you’re after an Italian that won’t break the bank but will have you humming that’s amore as you leave, then San Carlo Cicchetti is the restaurant for you.

San Carlo Cicchetti, Al Basteen Mall, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Ar Rawdah, open Sat to Wed 1pm to 12am, Thu and Fri 1pm to 1am. Tel: (9200) 04060 @cicchettisaudi

Images: Supplied