Here's what we thought about Le Vesuvio Jeddah

Absolutely gorgeous…

The Jeddah Yacht Club and Marina is quickly cementing itself as a hub of immaculate fine dining, and with that comes the sleek and stunning Italian, Le Vesuvio.

Le Vesuvio was first founded in the 1960s in Cannes. The venue quickly became an institution where celebs would dine in a real ‘see and be seen’ kind of vibe. This lends itself to having a reputation for elegant, high-class and genuine flair.

The hallmark of any good Italian is a serious wood-fired oven, here it is centre stage as you walk into the venue. The interiors are sleek and make you instantly feel welcomed. Along the wall, Polaroids are hung, showing all the happy faces of past diners, giving the restaurants a warm and homely feeling.

Walking through, the bar greets you with blue accent chairs. In the main dining hall, a lemon tree is perched atop a round table, and the light blue accents follow us into the dining area. It was a pity to see that we were the only diners in the restaurant, but in fairness, we were there from opening and throughout the afternoon the restaurant did begin to liven up.

Mocktails flow as easily as ever, flavourful and absolutely delicious. Each dish is intricately presented with a finesse that can only be brought on by Italian cuisine.

If you know anything about me, You’ll know that I am not the biggest fan of truffle. This means that when truffle pizza was presented at the table, I was apprehensive to try it. Much to my surprise, however, it was a standout dish. It wasn’t overpowering, the fresh truffle shaved on top was complemented perfectly by the white-based pizza, and a light drizzle of truffle oil exemplified the mushroom flavour.

Sticking to the funghi, risotto and mushrooms go together better than cake and coffee. At Le Vesuvio, no statement has rung more true than this. Sweet afternoons such as this, deserve sweeter endings – Do yourself a favour, the next time you consider a restaurant for dessert, make your way to this waterside restaurant. The pear melba can only be described a pure bliss in one bite.

What’s On verdict: All that can be said about Le Vesuvio is that it is feels like a little nugget of Cannes has been picked up and transported to The Kingdom.

Le Vesuvio, Jeddah Yacht Club and Marina,  Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, open Sun to Thu 6pm to 1am, Fri to Sat 2pm to 1am. Tel: (0)13 663 7000 @levesuvio.sa

Images: Supplied