Review: Myazu Jeddah

Decadent in all the right ways…

I’m fairly new to the Saudi Arabian dining scene, but a restaurant that has firmly been on everybody’s lips when I ask where to go for dinner – is Myazu. It’s one of those restaurants that has an allure, and a certain mystery to it.

In all honesty, I didn’t really know what to expect, Japanese cuisine has taken over the Middle East lately and so, it always begs the question — at what point does each restaurant become derivative?

There is no doubt in my mind that Myazu is far from derivative. Yes, you can expect your typical Japanese favourites —  a sushi platter that will make your heart sing or edamame that is delightfully zingy because of the kimchi sauce that coats it. But what I most definitely did not expect, were the twists and turns that followed as each dish and drink was brought to the table.

A symphony of flavours

A good marker for any Japanese restaurant is the quality of the soy sauce, at Myazu: expect a lighter soy that offers a tangy undertone that sings when lightly dipping the tuna sashimi.

The sashimi is scored, allowing for optimum sauce grab as well as relieving some of the chewiness that one can seldom expect from such incredible quality fish.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am a sucker for a good sando. At Myazu, let the wagyu melt in your mouth, as the salted butter that coats the milk bread adds a crunch to the experience. Don’t forget to dip your sando into the katsu sauce, and please use your fingers, we’re told.

Katsu can often be an overpowering sauce, one dunk or spoonful and you’re left with nothing but Katsu. But thankfully, even after a dip in the sauce, the wagyu was still the hero of the dish.

The term ‘melt like butter’ is used far too often when describing wagyu beef, however, in this particular instance. It did just that.

I would be here for an eternity if I had to intricately break down every item that was presented to our table, and that still wouldn’t be enough to explain just how awe-struck the entire evening had left me.

Still dreaming about the crispy duck and watermelon salad a—  combination I would have never put together, I’m glad the artists at Myazu did.

We are presented with grilled prawns served creatively in their shell. The prawn is chopped and coated in kimchi and yuzu butter, topped with sliced chilli. A dish that was the main event. Light and delightful the yuzu and kimchi sing, and lime juice drizzled atop brings a cold and refreshing edge to an already perfect dish.

What’s On Verdict: In short, while there is much to be explored in the Saudi Arabian food scene, Myazu has a confident and inspiring take on Japanese cuisine.

Myazu, Al Basteen Mall, Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Ar Rawdah, open Sat to Wed 1pm to 12am, Thu and Fri, 1pm to 1am. Tel: (9200) 10434 @myazusaudi