Restaurant Review: New summer menu at Urth Caffe

A summer of delights await…

You can’t talk about cafés and coffee shops in Riyadh without mentioning one of its most popular places: Urth Caffé. It is the kind of light airy spot where chill vibes abound and where you could spend hours watching life go by.

All of its outlets are lovely spaces, but we particularly love the Sulimaniyah location for its light-filled corners, accessible location, and verdant green centrepiece. This hangout ticks all the boxes for a relaxing afternoon. Think open spaces, with large trees decorating the ample seating space, bringing a rustic, friendly and natural presence. It is also decked in earthy hues mixed with bold pops of colour from the furniture and wall art.

A quick preview of its new summer menu

Urth Caffé is all about quality; fresh produce, all-natural ingredients, and organic coffee and teas – it’s no surprise the food here tastes of such good quality.

Urth Caffe truffle scramble

Its latest menu for this summer upholds the same values. Dine on delights such as Truffle Scramble (SAR49), served on rustic toast with hollandaise sauce and arugula. It’s a tad lighter than your average rich eggy dish.

Urth Caffe breakfast pie

For those who are obsessed with the delicious goodness that is cheese, you’ll enjoy the Breakfast Pie (SAR42). A perfectly golden-brown pie, with a runny yolk right in the centre, it is stuffed with tangy and creamy gouda and halloumi cheese, which adds a rich, velvety touch.

There’s also a great range of summer refreshing drinks. We opt for the Moroccan Passion Fruit Iced Tea (SAR27), which makes a pleasant, chilled drink for Riyadh’s hot summer days. The citrusy-tart fruit is definitely the star here, giving us that tropical holiday vibe.

Urth Caffe passion fruit

Additionally, in a menu constantly changing depending on the season, there are crowd-favourite mainstays, such as the Buttermilk Pancake (SAR62.50), Green Tea Pancake (SAR59), the cheesy Mushroom Omelette (SAR62.50), and the Eggs Salmone (SAR72).

The latter is a colourful dish loaded with fresh avocado and arugula, delicate smoked salmon, tangy lemon mascarpone and topped with soft poached eggs and salsa – perfect for those looking for something a little more hearty.

Matcha lovers will be pleased to know that Urth Caffé gets straight to the good stuff with exceptional hot beverages and their matcha is no exception. And here’s a fun fact for you: Urth Caffé is the first place in Saudi Arabia to introduce matcha.

Urth Caffe matcha

We recommend their Organic Blended Matcha with Boba (SAR39) or Matcha Latte (from SAR22) – all made with authentic and rich matcha powder. They also have the perfect balance between the distinct matcha taste and enough sweetness to be really drinkable.

Our meal ends with a sweet treat of their Spanish Tre Latti Cake (SAR45) – a rich, indulgent, yet light coffee dessert, which is the perfect ending to the perfect, healthy meal. Because we all need a treat from time to time, no?

Verdict: Urth Caffé is the perfect place for brunch with friends, catch-up suppers, dinner with your mum or a big group get-together – basically, it’s the ideal restaurant for any time of the day. We also love that the portion size here is enough to feed two.

Urth Caffe, various locations in Riyadh, including Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz, As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh 12243, Sat to Thurs 7am to 1am & Fri 6am to 1am. @urthcaffesaudi

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