Saudi academic calendar 2023-2024: all the key dates

It begins this month…

It’s that time of the year again. Back-to-school season is officially upon us, after nearly two months of the summer holiday. If you’re prepping for the return to school or university here are all the key dates on the Saudi academic calendar 2023-2024 you need to have on your radar.

It is to be noted that some schools are allowing flexible returns to school provided that they comply with the Ministry of Education’s minimum school days.

According to Saudi Gazette, the school year is set to be divided into three semesters with a total of 38 academic weeks, a collective 60 days between the term vacations, and lastly 68 days of summer vacations.

First Semester

According to the Ministry of Education’s statement, the first semester is set to begin on Sunday August 20 and ends on Thursday November 16.

Second Semester

Next up, we have the second semester which begins on Sunday November 26 and ends on Thursday February 22, 2024. That means that students will be enjoying 10 days of semester break after the first semester ends.

Third Semester

The third and final semester will then begin on Sunday March 3, 2024 and end on Monday June 10, 2024. Making it another 10 days of holiday between the second and third semesters.

The academic year includes 10 different types of holidays, including four long vacations, vacation during the end of the first and second semesters, the mid-semester vacation, in addition to the National Day, and Foundation Day holidays, as well as the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

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