You can now nap in these newly launched sleep pods at Riyadh Airport

An exciting new addition to Terminal 5…

Picture this: You’re stuck in Riyadh airport with several hours between long-haul flights. It’s the middle of the night, and you’re desperate for some quiet and rest. So, where to go?

Enter the futuristic sleeping pods, now making an appearance at King Khalid International Airport. The move aims to offer travellers a series of comfortable and private options to rest and recharge before their journey, allowing them to relax and get ready for their onward flight.

Located at the new Wassan lounge on the departure floor of Terminal 5, the compact sleeping pods are ideal for travellers with layovers or experiencing delayed flights who might be hoping to relax or catch up on some sleep or even for those who need a short rest before their flights. However, they can also be used for work or leisure.

Riyadh Airport sleep pods

As reported by Saudi Press Agency, they can cater for up to 300 passengers per day. Each capsule is lined in a dormitory style and is ideal for use by a single individual.

The sleeping pods come equipped with adjustable LED lighting, air-conditioning, interactive screens, charging ports, and internal and external storage space for luggage, ensuring the highest standards of comfort and safety.

Riyadh Airport sleep pods

And for the ultimate relaxation, the capsules are fitted with a hotel-quality bed, measuring two metres long by approximately 1.5 metres wide.

Sounds pretty good for an airport nap. Just remember to set an alarm to wake you up in time to get to your next flight, though…

Images: Saudi Press Agency / Social