The first-ever World Art Saudi fair is coming to Riyadh

You can experience art and culture from all over the world…

It’s no secret that the Kingdom is big on arts and culture, and Riyadh is home to some of the most talented individuals we’ve ever seen, so when an event comes along that brings the two together, you best believe it will be a big hit. Get ready for the World Art Saudi fair.

Happening in Riyadh, the event aims to bring together the world’s art.


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Popular in the UAE, the World Art Fair has been running in Dubai for nine editions now and has seen more than 4,000 artworks from over 300 renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 60 countries around the world.

Like its Dubai counterpart, the Riyadh edition is set to take you on a journey through art and culture from around the world. The event will also offer a platform for up-and-coming homegrown artists to network with art communities, art lovers, galleries and every art community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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There’s an open call to all artists and art galleries that want to exhibit their artworks to book a space and exhibit at the event here. Additionally, you can also register your interest in the event and stay updated with everything that’s happening here.

Galleries that are definitely taking part in the event include local galleries like Wrd Art Gallery and 3D Artworks Gallery and regional ones like Wadi Finan Art Gallery from Jordan, and Art Concept Gallery from Bahrain.

While dates for the event are yet to be confirmed, we’re very excited to see what the fair brings to the capital.

So whether you’re an artist looking to break into the art community of Saudi Arabia, or you’re just an art lover looking to get your next art fix, this event is for you.

World Art Saudi fair, Riyadh. @worldartsaudi