Your ultimate guide to the Riyadh Metro

All aboard…

First announced in 2014, the long-awaited Riyadh Metro is gearing up to welcome its first guests sometime later this year or in 2024.

The huge public transport system is a part of Saudi Arabia’s wider Vision 2030, the Riyadh Metro project is set to transform public transport in Riyadh. The opening of the Riyadh Metro project will reduce congestion in high-traffic zones and is expected to be used by more than 1 million passengers annually.

What is the Riyadh Metro project?

Ever since plans were announced for the massive project set to change public transport in the buzzy capital, the metro project has been one of the most hotly anticipated megaprojects coming to the Kingdom. The project is not just limited to metro trains though, the Riyadh Metro buses started running this year too.

Part of a five-phase plan, phase one encompasses operating 340 buses and serving 633 bus stops and stations. Once fully launched, the bus service will cover 1,900 kilometres with over 2,900 bus stations and stops served by more than 800 buses.

When will the Riyadh Metro launch?

Although no official date has been announced for the launch of the project, according to the Royal Commission for Riyadh City, all civil and construction works have now finally been completed and big-picture completion has reached up to 92 per cent.

What stations have been revealed to the public so far?

There will be 85 Riyadh Metro stations in total, with five key stations that’ll allow passengers to move between the metro lines and to and from the bus network. These include Qasr Al Hokm Metro Station, which links the blue and orange lines; King Abdullah Financial District Station, located at the eastern side of KAFD, which will serve as a hub for the blue, yellow and purple lines; and Western Station, found in Al Sweedi district, which will be a hub for the orange line with a dedicated bus line on Shiekh Mohammad bin Abdul Latif Street.

What are the different carriages available?

There will be three different kinds of carriages available. Categories include singles, families and VIPS. The single one can be used by single men, while the family categories reserved for families and lone females, and the VIP section can only be accessed by those with VIP cards.

Where will the Riyadh Metro run?

There are six main lines, and 85 stations covering a distance of 176 kilometres. Riyadh Metro network covers most of the highly populated districts, government facilities, and key educational and commercial areas. It is also connected to

The six lines are:

  • Blue Line: Olaya to Batha’a, covering a 38km distance
  •  Red Line: King Abdullah Road, covering a 25.3km distance
  •  Orange Line: Al Madina Al Monawara to Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al Awal road, cover a 40.7km distance
  •  Yellow line: King Khaled International Airport Road, covering a 29.6km distance
  •  Green line: King Abdul Aziz Road, covering a 12.9km distance
  •  Purple Line: Abdul Rahman bin Aouf road to Shiekh Hassan bin Hussain bin Ali road, covering a 30km distance

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