Cool new Irqah Creative Arts Lab to open in Riyadh

The new project is backed by the Ministry of Culture…

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia loves its arts and the country is constantly bringing about initiatives to further art in the region and promote local and international artists alike. The Ministry Of Culture is now also launching a brand-new Irqah Creative Arts Lab in Riyadh.

Expected to partially open by 2024, the new creative arts lab will be a hub for cultural exchange, elevating and empowering artists and creatives from all over the Kingdom, region and world too.

Irqah Creative Arts Lab will be dedicated to advancing the field of art and design as well as supporting the creative community. The lab will house a training institute, a specialized art library, an exhibition space, and a performing arts theatre.

The area will also be complete with a biodesign lab, a training institute on museum professions, and a dedicated 1,000-square-metre space for the kiddos called “Little Irqah.”

The cool new lab is being housed in the repurposed Irqah Hospital which was built in the 1980s and is attached to the history of the city, and will now be repurposed as a dynamic, creative, and community hub, and will be operating under the motto “Landscapes of Beauty.” The centre will be up and running fully by 2026.

Visit: @mocsaudi_en