Noug Riyadh brings a specialty camel dairy concept to the city

Got milk?

Camel milk and meat are both big parts of Saudi culture and for the very first time, we have a company that’s specialising in camel dairy products. Noug Riyadh by Sawani is bringing a new camel dairy concept to Riyadh.

Opening its doors in the capital this week, Sawani is a pioneer in the camel dairy sector in Saudi Arabia with a new store is located on Anas Bin Malik Road in the Saudi capital.


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At the store, you can enjoy items like regular and flavoured camel milk, butter, cheese, cream, gelato, and multiple other products made from camel milk. Expect gorgeous traditional decor inside out, majlis prints, and gelato carts.

There’s also a cool Noug Lounge as soon as you enter the space where you can get desserts, drinks and more. You can also preorder the products from an app online complete with an integrated customer service system where you can get answers to all your questions about the products. Noug Riyadh will be offering fresh camel milk to go, coffee and so much more.

The aim of the venue is to preserve national heritage since camels are such an integral part of Saudi lives and the history of the Kingdom.


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The venue is already a popular concept in the city, with people lining up on opening day to try out the exciting new concept.

Noug Riyadh, Anas Ibn Malik Road, Al Malqa, daily 5pm to midnight. @noug.ksa