A Saudi Coffee Festival is coming to Riyadh

Get ready to sip…

If you’re anything like us and love yourself some Saudi coffee, you’ll be happy to know a Saudi Coffee Festival is coming to Riyadh.

Happening from Thursday September 28 until Sunday October 1, the Saudi Coffee Festival celebrates all things about the coffee culture in Saudi Arabia.

The festival will be happening at the eastern side of King Abdullah Financial District and aims to celebrate the rich heritage of Saudi coffee and its importance in Saudi culture.

Main areas of the festival include Finjal Al-Dhaif, Finjal Al-Keef, and Finjal Al-Seef. The names of the areas come from the small cup that Saudi coffee is poured into (Finjal) from the jug called Dallah.

Finjal Al-Dhaif will include coffee-tasting areas from all over the Kingdom, artisan booths, and a modern coffee roaster. Finjal Al-Keef includes an exhibitors’ area, a restaurant area, a children’s oasis and a competition’s corner. Lastly, Finjal Al-Seef will host cultural talks and sessions, coffee workshops, and live performances of music and poetry.

Saudi coffee is typically made from coffee beans that may be roasted very lightly or heavily, usually boiled and served unfiltered. Sugar isn’t added to the drink, but spices such as saffron, cinnamon, cardamom or cloves may be added to give the coffee more depth. The beverage is also usually paired with sweets such as dates, or traditional desserts to balance the bitter flavour.

Since the culture is so huge, the beverage is prepared in multiple different ways throughout the Kingdom, with various different spices mixtures and a variety of coffee beans being used throughout.

Saudi Coffee Festival, King Abdullah Financial District, Thu Sep 28 to Sun Oct 1. @mocculinary