The best TV shows and movies to stream in Saudi Arabia in September 2023

Make movie night your best yet with these top new releases on Prime Video, OSN+, and more…

It can be challenging to keep track of all the new and returning series on the various streaming services, but fortunately, you don’t need to do all the work. We’ve rounded up the lists of new arrivals on OSN+ and Prime Video, and highlighted the best new and returning shows on each service. Whether you’re looking for a series to binge on your own, classic, feel-good romantic comedies, or something to watch with the whole family, there’s something for everyone.

Read on for the best shows to stream this month.


Al Qada’a (Season 2)

In this Arabic TV series, a lawyer and a prosecutor, whose paths cross with a murder case, will have to work together to find the murderer. As a result, this will create an irreversible breaking point in their lives.

Release Date: September 3

Rubble & Crew

Rubble & Crew

In this exhilarating spin-off series from PAW Patrol, the young ones can join Rubble, a work-hard, play-hard kind of pup who operates a bulldozer with an excavator attachment. Alongside his construction pup family, the team work together to repair and build the town of Builder Cove. Builder Cove is a friendly town yet quickly growing community where there’s always something to build, repair, maintain, paint, and construct. With Rubble leading the way as the foreman, the whole family work hard to build whatever the town needs in high-stakes adventures featuring awesome construction vehicles.

Release Date: September 4, every Mon to Fri, 6.30pm

Ridiculousness Arabia

A localised version of the American comedy clip show, Ridiculousness Arabia showcases the most hilarious viral videos, usually involving failed do-it-yourself attempts at stunts. The show, hosted by Mohanad Al Hattab and co-hosted by Samantha Hamadeh and Khalid Sheriff, features “the best local talent to deliver a laugh-out-loud take on outrageous viral video content”.

Release Date: September 8

The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections

Neo embarks on a mind-bending journey once again, chasing the white rabbit to uncover the truth about his reality. The Matrix has evolved into an even stronger and more dangerous challenge.

Release Date: September 8



Crafted by the brilliant roboticist Gemma, M3GAN becomes a friend, teacher, and protector for Gemma’s niece, leading to unexpected consequences.

Release Date: September 15

Aziz Al Rouh

This Arabic drama tells the story of Saud and his brother, Saleh. Saud returns from studying abroad and a dispute breaks out between him and Saleh. The absence of communication between them takes its toll on the children. The nature of the life of each family becomes clear and conflicts arise.

Release Date: September 17

Mark Rober’s Revengineers

Using ingenuity, science and engineering experience, Mark and the Revengineers take revenge on social wrongdoers with carefully planned and executed ideas.

Release Date: September 17

Kids Choice Awards Abu Dhabi 2023

Jessie J Kids Choice

Tune in to the annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards hosted by the global award-winning British star Jessie J, alongside social media star and content creator Ossy Marwah. The awards will be the biggest, slimiest party of the year, featuring a great line-up of talented artists packed with family fun, unexpected moments, and more surprises than ever. Among these stars, Moroccan singer-songwriter urban pop artist Manal, global award-winning group Now United, Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter and composer Elyanna, top Saudi artist Bader Al-Shuaibi and Jordanian singer-songwriter Issam Alnajjar will also take the stage at the awards. First-time nominees include the Palestinian-Chilean singer-songwriter and composer Elyanna, prominent Egyptian actress Huda El Mufti, Moroccan pop singer Rym, content creators Saudi Reporters, and Syrian comedy creator Amro Maskoun, among others. The star-studded awards show will also celebrate multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, young actress and songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, exceptional singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and global pop phenomenon Justin Bieber.

Release Date: September 20 at 5pm

Bones and All

Bones and All

This romantic horror film takes you on a gripping road trip with two young cannibals as they navigate their haunting pasts, testing whether love can conquer their differences.

Release Date: September 22

Huda’s Salon

Huda's Salon

A Palestinian thriller, this Arabic film is set in Bethlehem. Reem, a young mother married to a jealous man, goes to Huda’s Salon. But this ordinary visit turns sour when Huda, after having put Reem in a shameful situation, blackmails her to have her work for the secret service of the occupiers, and thus betray her people.

Release Date: September 23

God’s Country

God's Country

An American professor’s life takes a difficult turn when she becomes entangled in a tense conflict between hunters on her remote property.

Release Date: September 29

Prime Video

Wheel of Time (Season 2)

The Wheel of Time Season 2 - First Look

Based on the best-selling Robert Jordan fantasy series “The Wheel of Time”, a humble farm boy, Rand al’Thor (Josha Stradowski, Gran Turismo), learns he is The Dragon Reborn – a dangerous figure from history destined to save the world… or break it. Desperate to protect him from the Dark One, an army of powerful sorceresses must reckon with his burgeoning power and encroaching madness. The Wheel of Time turns, and the Last Battle approaches. Though Rand thought he destroyed the Dark One, evil is not gone from the world. In Season Two, threats new and very old seek out the young friends from the Two Rivers, now scattered over the world. The woman who found and guided them is now powerless to help, and so they must find other sources of strength in each other, or themselves, in the Light or the Dark.

Release Date: September 1

The Continental: From the World of John Wick

John Wick

The three-part event will explore the origin behind the iconic hotel-for-assassins centrepiece of the John Wick universe through the eyes and actions of a young Winston Scott, as he’s dragged into the Hell-scape of 1970’s New York City to face a past he thought he’d left behind. Winston charts a deadly course through the hotel’s mysterious underworld in a harrowing attempt to seize the hotel where he will eventually take his throne.

Release Date: September 22

Gen V

Gen V

Set in the diabolical world of The Boys, Gen V expands the universe to Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only college where students train to be the next generation of heroes – preferably with lucrative endorsements. You know what happens when supes go bad, but not all superheroes start out corrupt. Beyond the typical college chaos of finding oneself and partying, these kids are facing explosive situations… literally. As the students vie for popularity and good grades, it’s clear that the stakes are much higher when superpowers are involved. When the group of young supes discover that something bigger and sinister is going on at school, they’re put to the test: Will they be the heroes or the villains of their stories?

Release Date: September 29