World's Tallest Tower: construction of Jeddah Tower to restart

Coming in at a whopping 172 metres higher than the Burj Khalifa…

According to a source, via Meed, the construction of the Jeddah Tower is back in full motion and the tower will cover a skyrocketing height of over 1,000 metres tall after construction is complete. Jeddah Economic Company has restarted working on the tower.

The construction of the Jeddah Tower was first announced in 2008 but only began in April 2013. By 2017 the tower had reached 63 storeys before construction was halted. Since then it was said that construction would begin again in 2018, and the tower would be completed in 2020, however this did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances.

The tower was originally designed by the same architect that designed the Burj Khalifa, Adrian Smith. Initial groundwork including pilings and foundations of the enormous building was originally started by the Saudi Binladen Group, where the company completed one-third of the project.

New beginnings

Also according to Meed, the developer has requested bids for the contract and over 10 contractors submitted bids. Contractors included local companies such as Almabani, Bawani and Saudi Freyssinet as well as global contractors from China, Korea, Kuwait and more. The mega project proceeded to give the contractors three months to tender bids.

The contractors have been assigned to Lebanese contractors Dar al-Handasah. While Saudi Binladen Group are no longer the contractor of the project, the architectural firm based in the United States, Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill will remain the same.

The tower is set to be the centre of the Jeddah Economic City and the project’s first phase, which includes the main tower will cover an area of 1.5 square kilometres. Further information regarding the expected start of the construction as well as final expected completion dates have not yet been confirmed but as soon as we know, you’ll know.


Images: Supplied via JEC