All aboard the AlUla train coming soon

Taking the scenic route…

At the Future Investment Forum this year, a ton of exciting announcements were made, and one in particular that we’ve been looking forward to has to be the brand-new AlUla Train coming soon, buckle in.

Signing an agreement with Alstom, a French multinational rolling stock manufacturer, the Royal Commission for AlUla announced that the historic city would be getting a new railway to make transport within the area much easier.

The new railway service aims to provide sustainable transportation that preserves the environment by connecting the five core historical districts and urban development centres with 17 stations over 22.5 kilometres.

The design will be inspired by AlUla’s unique heritage and will also serve as a means to move between AlUla’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites and historic oasis towns, along with the new developments. Designed as a core component of the newly introduced Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan, which echoes the city’s unique blend of culture, heritage, and nature, the new train will be bringing a slice of modernity to the region.

In particular, the railway will be taking inspiration from the historic Hijaz railway and is set for activation in the second half of 2027, with developers slated to join the infrastructure work in 2024.

Mohammed Altheeb, RCU Chief Development and Construction officer, stated, “The AlUla Experiential Tramway is not just a mode of transport; it is a celebration of our history and a bridge to our future. This endeavour highlights our commitment to sustainable mobility, ensuring AlUla’s treasures remain accessible and preserved for generations.”

Visit: ucl.rcu.gov.sa

Images: Getty