Why you need to catch the Saudi Games Torch Tour

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The nation’s biggest sporting event is coming back next month. Yes, the Saudi Games 2023 are set to come back in November, but before the return of the event, you need to witness the incredible Saudi Games Torch Tour.

The remarkable Torch Tour will be visiting 13 areas in the Kingdom, including 66 landmark locations, with 125 athletes taking part as the event progresses over the 29-day period. Athletes and sports personalities will be following the torch on foot as it moves through the locations.

The Saudi Games Torch Tour will represent the values of the Olympic movement and aims to highlight friendship, peace, and tolerance and offer a hopeful vision for the future. The event will also promote profound human values, and convey messages of positivity.

As it travels through the Kingdom, it will display the transformative journey the country has taken in the past few years while also shining a spotlight on the historical, cultural, and tourist landmarks that Saudi Arabia has to offer.

The tour will also embody a sense of pride and connection to the country’s grandest sports event ever and act as an inspiration for the younger generation of Saudis to chase their dreams. Every part of the country will be cheering on the upcoming edition of the major Saudi Games. The celebrations will extend beyond the venues and touch all parts of the Kingdom.

The games are the largest national sporting event held annually in the Kingdom, with over 8,000 athletes participating in the multi-game combined sports tournament. The annual event sets out to achieve a number of Vision 2030 goals, like raising the quality of life and getting people invested in more active lifestyles.

Saudi Games 2023 aim to bring together over 200 clubs in over 53 sports, including five games dedicated to Paralympic sports. The games will be held in multiple sports, including archery, padel, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, billiards, bowling, and boxing.

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