You can now get a business visit visa to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom is introducing a new type of visa…

If the many massive developments Saudi Arabia has been working on lately are of interest to you, you’ll be happy to know that the Kingdom is rolling out a brand-new business visit visa to Saudi Arabia.

The new online service called “Visiting Investor” allows foreign investors to apply for a digital visit visa and explore all the business opportunities the Kingdom has to offer.

The visa will be issued instantly based on the eligibility criteria; the process can all be done digitally and doesn’t require contacting Saudi missions abroad.

Conditions to get a business visa include having a passport valid for six months, and the investor must have a recognized presence in the host country. The visa should not be used for other non-commercial purposes.

Visitors to the country need to comply with the regulations and instructions of the Kingdom, refrain from performing Hajj without a Hajj Visa, not get involved in paid or unpaid work, and refrain from performing Umrah during the Hajj season.

You can start by applying for your visa here. And once you get the visa, you can explore Saudi Arabia’s incredibly dynamic economic sectors and key opportunities.

Visit: investsaudi.sa

Images: Getty