From Tokyo and Paris, a Cafe Kitsuné Riyadh is coming soon

The popular French-Japanese brand is coming to the Kingdom…

Riyadh has some pretty incredible cafes in spades; you can find dozens of them in every nook and cranny around the city. Local and international spots have set up shop all around town, and now we’re welcoming Cafe Kitsuné Riyadh soon too.

Coming to the mixed-use complex Laysen Valley, Cafe Kitsuné is backed by lifestyle brand Maison Kitsuné.


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If you’re after a quiet coffee bar where you can relax and soak up the relaxing and cosy vibes, this venue is where it’s at. The venue combines a casual atmosphere with modern decor under one roof.

Best known for its full-bodied coffee brew, with notes of chocolate and grilled hazelnuts and a smooth and syrupy texture, it’s safe to say this place will be a haven for all coffee lovers in the capital. You can sip on menu items like espresso, macchiato, americano, dirty chai, cappuccino, cortado, flat white, and mochaccino, along with teas, pastries, juices, and ice cream.

The very first Cafe Kitsuné opened its doors back in 2013 in Tokyo, and since then, the cafe has opened 26 locations worldwide, including in Paris, New York City, London, Vancouver, and Shanghai.

The name Kitsuné comes from the Japanese word kitsune, meaning “fox.” In Japan, the fox is said to have the ability to change its appearance and face to reflect the situation, which is what Cafe Kitsuné aims to achieve in all its locations around the world, moulding itself to fit each gathering to a tea (or rather coffee).

Visit: maisonkitsune.com

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