Hangout at the gorgeous new Canyon Hammock experience in AlUla

The new experience is available year-round…

‘Tis the season to travel to AlUla…No, really. There’s so much happening in the city at the moment, and with the weather cooling down, you already know AlUla is going to be decked out with the best of the best experiences. One of the ones we’re definitely looking forward to checking out at least once is the stunning Via Ferrata and Canyon Hammock experience in AlUla.

The extreme (but cool) activity is something you can take part in year-round, but there’s just something about hiking up the gorgeous AlUla trail this time of year. You can experience a world of mountaineering as you make your way through the canyon, complete with aerial challenges and obstacles along the way.

Running you about SAR180, you can expect a safety system that will allow you to move on ladders and bridge elements and explore the whole area freely (well, as freely as you can) along the route. The activity will begin with you travelling up a 200-metre cliff to the Hammock Net where you can hang out.

The experience, like most unique adventure activities in AlUla, will be hosted by the Adventure Hub. If you’re bringing your own entourage, or just want to take the age off before the activity you can relax at The Adventure Hub Cafe, which is a family-friendly venue on-site, and supportive onlookers are welcome.

There are a couple of terms and conditions to keep in mind and these include: being a minimum 110 centimetres tall; and being at least seven years old. The minimum weight for the experience is 40 kilograms, and the maximum is 100 kilograms. Make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes before the activity begins.

Don’t just hang around; book your spot now.
Canyon Hammock experience in AlUla, The Adventure Hub, 6am and 7am (morning session), noon (afternoon session). Book your SAR180 spot here.
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