You wouldn’t want to miss this celebration of cultures at Al-Suwaidi Park

Expect delicious foods, colourful performances, and tons of fun, family-friendly activities…

Are you ready to experience a world of culture, music, food and dance? Riyadh Season’s most vibrant celebration of cultural diversity at Al-Suwaidi Park is back.

As part of one of Riyadh Season’s entertainment zones, Al-Suwaidi Park has transformed its green space into a cultural hub, with each week showcasing the traditions and customs of different countries, including India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The celebrations aim to immerse visitors to different cultures and heritage through an interactive lens.

Seven weeks, seven different cultures

When Riyadh Season’s Al-Suwaidi Park launched last week, it kicked off with the Indian Week (October 29 to November 5) celebration. Many visitors were introduced to the rich tapestry of Indian culture through a plethora of activities, from colourful parades and captivating performances to unique Indian flavours and lively bazaars.

This week, Al-Suwaidi Park begins its week-long celebration of Filipino culture (November 6 to 11), with the best of the country’s cuisine, theatre and entertainment. Look forward to performances by Cabuyao Acrobats, the Philippines’ local dance group and other local talents. Visitors can also enjoy shopping in the bazaar and carnival areas, as well as have a taste of some of the Philippines’ most popular dishes in the “food experience” zone. There will also be a special performance by one of the Philippines’ best female vocalists, Bituin Escalante, over the weekend (November 10 and 11).

Indonesia Al-Suwaidi Park

Each week represents a different country, and the rest of the themed weeks will feature Indonesia (November 12 to 15), Sudan (November 16 to 25), followed by Pakistan (November 26 to December 2), Bangladesh (December 3 to 9), and closes off with Nepal (December 10 to 12).

Things to do

In addition to roving and stage performances, as well as live musical acts, there will be weekly bazaars where you can shop for handicrafts and knick-knacks from various cultures.

Colours Oasis Al-Suwaidi Park

For the little ones, they can look forward to an Adventure Games activity, a Colours Oasis that’s a colourful and stunning climbing net playground, and a variety of carnival games.

Feeling peckish? The cultural festival at Al-Suwaidi Park is about many things, and food is one of them. So, be sure to browse through the food zone and taste your way through a world of flavours.

Oh, and did we mention it’s free entry? But you’re still required to book your visit on Webook.com

Al-Suwaidi Park, 4pm to midnight, 2485 Al Hadeeqa, 7288, As Suwaidi, 7288, Riyadh 12791. @riyadhseason

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