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Enjoy a cool new Cinema Paradiso experience

The event combines movies and music in the best way…

If you’re looking for a cool activity to do this weekend, you’ve come to the right place. The Saudi Music Commission is introducing a brand-new Cinema Paradiso experience that you need to check out.

Happening on Thursday November 30, the event will be hosted at the Grand Concert Hall, starting at 8pm.

Think about it: which of your all-time favourite films would be the same, had it not been for an iconic soundtrack keeping you on the edge of your seat?  It’s nearly impossible to imagine The Matrix without its thundering soundtrack, Hans Zimmer when watching Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, or John Williams for Harry Potter. To celebrate the brilliant composers of these soundtracks, you can get your tickets for the Cinema Paradiso experience in Riyadh.

At the event, you can look forward to familiar tunes and well-known melodies from the screen coming to the live-performing venue. You can expect a live orchestra to bring all your favourite movies to life. And unlike past events of its kind, you can also join in on a fun “guess the movie” contest for the audience, which will span across history and the legacy of well-known movies from all over the world. 

Tickets for the fun event have already gone on sale and cost SAR30 per hour. You can register for the event here.

 Cinema Paradiso, Grand Concert Hall, Saudi Music Hub, Thu Nov 30, 8pm. musichubs.moc.gov.sa