NEOM's jaw-dropping Leyja hotels to be operated by Habitas

The new destination will be on the Gulf of Aqaba coast…

The array of projects coming to NEOM is nothing short of mesmerising, but the jaw dropping Leyja development might just top them all. Unveiled by NEOM last month, at the heart of Leyja are a trio of otherworldly properties, which – it’s just been announced – will be operated by Habitas. The brand already operates a duo of stunning, eco-friendly properties in AlUla: Habitas AlUla and Caravan by Habitas.

Beginning at the gorgeous Gulf of Aqaba coast, and then forming a magnificent natural valley carved between 400 metre-high mountains, the stunning new destination will house a trio of Our Habitas properties. Designed by world-leading architects and inspired by the surrounding nature, each will offer a different focused experience: Adventure, Oasis, and Wellness.

Home of Adventure

The three new properties will be offering 120 rooms in total, split equally between them at 40 keys per hotel. The first property, Home of Adventure, is tailor-made for the adventurous spirits among us, designed in a deconstructed manner, the hotel will ascend the walls of the valley like a staircase. The property is in a prime location for rock climbing and other high-octane experiences in the surrounding area.


Next up, we have Oasis. The venue aims to offer an immersive retreat where visitors will be offered a harmonious stay alongside wildlife native to the area. It will be prominently located at the heart of the Wadi’s largest oasis (hence the name).

Home of Wellness

And if you want to get away from it all, check into the immersive wellness retreat, Home of Wellness. Presenting you with a serene escape offering ultimate seclusion, the venue will be focused on providing the world’s best relaxation.

Once fully developed, Leyja will have an extensive selection of refined experiences and activities, including fine dining and contemporary restaurants presented by world-renowned chefs. Wellness facilities and rooftop infinity-style pools across the three properties are also major driving points to the destination too.

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