A luxury food hall is Riyadh’s latest culinary craze. Here’s all you need to know.

Gather around and savour the art of social dining at Al Mamlaka Social Dining…

A luxury food hall has hit a new era in the capital. Located in the iconic Kingdom Centre, step into a cool dining sanctuary in the form of Al Mamlaka Social Dining. It is the first-of-its-kind luxury food hall in the city and boasts about 500 seats, with a variety of seating options in which to enjoy different foods.

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean market, with a unique interplay of space and cuisines, it’s a place you’d find in New York, London, Lisbon or Barcelona, but with true Saudi hospitality.

Something for everyone

Al Mamlaka Social Dining is a gathering place – for everyone and their preferences. Whether you’re feeling peckish or ravenous, the diverse offer is sure to please, with a gourmet showcase of kiosks spread out over 37,000 square feet.

It houses 21 vendors, including a mix of new concepts and offshoots of popular Riyadh spots. All of which means you can sample a varied range of tasty treats, from authentic Saudi street eats and appetising charcuterie and cheese to comforting ramen at Nozomi Boutique, tacos and burgers with all the works.

Al Mamlaka

And, of course, drinks are the heart of the space. Al Mamlaka Social Dining ensures all thirsts are quenched with its bright and beautiful bar, completed by a selection of mocktails from Blended by Lyre’s and coffees.

Two restaurants, Lilly’s Café and Assembly, have a more defined seating area and are distinct from the other vendors.

Colourful décor, organised chaos

The sophisticated food hall is characterised by a beautiful emerald green and pale pink colour palette and large floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the space with natural light. With a contemporary, clean feel created through soft wooden finishes and lots of greenery using many planters within the venue, it is certainly no ordinary food hall encounter.

Al Mamlaka space

The layout of the space is as dynamic as the offer is colourful. The place has been designed to democratise a great organised chaos – whether that’s the International Collection, where visitors can explore numerous cuisines, the casual Deli section, the Coffee & Bakery section, or the Destination Dining restaurants, which offer reservations.

The vast open space of the hall, where diners order from any or all of the kitchens, is loud, crowded and buzzy. Both the atmosphere and the food are hugely fun and very stylish.

Here’s a full run-down on all the vendors at Al Mamlaka Social Dining.

Blended by Lyre’s: When we heard the news that @lyresspiritco would be part of the offerings at Al Mamlaka Social Dining, we knew it would be good. We recommend the passion fruit martini, which is incredibly divine.

Easy Bakery: For an authentic bakery experience, Easy Bakery is the go-to destination, presenting a mouth-watering selection of delectable pastries and bread by Chef Shaden Al Ajlan, Saudi Arabia’s first artisan baker. Relish in the flaky indulgence of an almond croissant or explore the art of bread with choices like focaccia or sourdough, each crafted to perfection.

Ovun Lebanese Bakehouse: Specialising in a delectable array of freshly baked Lebanese offerings, Ovun features a mouth-watering selection of manakish, flatbreads, wraps and mini bites. For those who prefer heartier options, the Pots at Ovun present a tantalising selection – from the speciality Gourmet Kebede with beef liver, pomegranate molasses, onion, tomato, and red chilli to the Halloumi Sweet & Chilli pot topped with chilli flakes, tomato, honey, and dry mint.

Flour & Firewood: The latest to join Al Mamlaka Social Dining offerings is Riyadh’s renowned bakery Flour & Firewood, featuring two distinctive pods: Flour & Firewood Breakfast and Flour & Firewood Salads & Sandwiches. Flour & Firewood has swiftly captured the hearts of locals throughout the Kingdom with its speciality bread selection and in-house fermented sourdough. Now, presenting a mouth-watering breakfast menu, you can tuck into a wide array of breakfast offerings, including Shakshuka served with Arabic sourdough bread and topped with chopped olives, Eggs and Avocado on Sourdough, a selection of house-made breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Seray Bistro: Fans of Lebanese cuisine will be won over. Seray Bistro offers delicious grills and hot mezze.

CARNEb: This isn’t your regular fast-food burger chain. Created by lauded Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco, the heavyweight behind three-Michelin-starred Mirazur in France, you can expect gourmet burgers starring sustainable ingredients.

El Takoy: There are many reasons to pay a visit to Al Mamlaka Social Dining, but El Takoy, an exciting Hawaiian-inspired street food concept from London and New York, is one of the best of the bunch. Prepare for an eclectic menu of dishes from Asia to Latin America, reflecting Hawaii’s reputation as a melting pot of food and culture. Plus, we’re in love with the lamb Barbacoa tacos, Hawaiian fried rice, and one of its signature dishes, Huli Huli chicken, made up of grilled marinated teriyaki chicken served with coconut rice and macaroni salad.

Rare Grill

Rare Grill: Meat lovers in Riyadh who are familiar with the brand will know that Rare Grill is known for their steaks and burgers. Oh, and don’t forget to try their Philly steak sandwich, too.

The Pairing Table

The Pairing Table: Meet Saudi’s first artisan cheese pairing presented by Alex Dilling, the chef behind the eponymous two-Michelin-starred restaurant at the Hotel Café Royal in London. On the menu: sandwiches, salads and cheese boards.

Lugmetain Thalatha: Here, you can enjoy traditional Saudi cuisine served tapas-style.

Mezze by Okto: A contemporary Greek delight that brings the flavours of Greece to your table.

Nozomi Boutique: One of our favourites, this counter serves contemporary Japanese food, including a variety of sushis, ramen and their signature corn and kale salad.

La Rustica: Come and immerse yourself in the flavours of Italy, and stay for the delicious Neapolitan pizza.

Assembly Dining

Assembly: Introducing one of the destination dining restaurants, @assemblydining, a new mezze and skewer concept by the World’s 50 Best MENA Chef Tommy. Choose from grilled meats, fish or vegetables before personalising your kebabs with the mezze platters and fluffy pita.

Lilly’s Café: With an inviting ambience and a delightful selection of all-day dining choices, Lilly’s Café is the perfect setting for guests looking for a gathering spot, whether for meetings or a leisurely lunch with friends. Diners are encouraged to make reservations to secure their experience at Lilly’s Café.


Hanoverian: The solution to your occasional cravings with its decadent pralines and cakes.

Nakhati: Meaning ‘my flavour’ in Arabic, Nakhati, made using high-quality natural ingredients, is a homegrown gelato experience that supports local communities of women across the GCC. A must-try is their matcha gelato.

Floozie Cookies

Floozie: New to Riyadh, the stuffed cookies from this stand are what dreams are made of.

Lena Lu: On your way out, you’ll definitely want to stop here for one of their irresistible and delicious Italian doughnuts known as bombolini.

Al Mamlaka Social Dining, Second Floor, Kingdom Centre. @almamlakasocialdining

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