Discover a wealth of timeless tales at the Riyadh poetry exhibit

Explore the diverse collection of poetry and more…

If you’re in the mood to explore a brand-new aspect of Saudi culture, you need to check out the Riyadh poetry exhibit at the King Abdulaziz Public Library.

Being held until the end of the year, the gorgeous exhibit explores and celebrates the significance of poetry, its heritage, and its cultural impact in the Arabian Peninsula, according to Arab News.

The new exhibition is one of the activities being held under the Year of Arabic Poetry 2023 initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition showcased Arabic calligraphy paintings created by Saudi and Arab artists, which included famous lines from Arabic poems drawn from different periods.

The Riyadh poetry exhibit showcases the evolution of Arabic poetry across five stages: the pre-Islamic era, the Islamic era, the Umayyad era, the Abbasid era, the era of states and emirates, and the modern era of Arabic poetry.

That’s not all, though; you can even bring the kiddos, and have them enjoy a children’s area and five workshops, each dedicated to a specific era of Arabic poetry. The exhibition will be running every day except Friday, starting at 8 am and ending at 8pm.

Riyadh poetry exhibit, King Abdulaziz Public Library, Al Futah, daily 8am to 8pm except Fri. @kaplibrary