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All the events happening at AlUla’s Winter at Tantora

Make your next visit to the ancient city an adventure you’ll never forget…

Winter at Tantora has made its highly anticipated return to AlUla. Taking place from Thursday December 21 to Saturday January 27, the festival welcomes cultural explorers, entertainment enthusiasts, fashion admirers, music fans, sports fanatics, and nature lovers.

Here are all the events happening during Winter at Tantora, AlUla Moments flagship festival.

December 27 & 28: Shorfat AlJadidah

Winter at Tantora Shorfat AlJadidah

The wonderfully innovative show is back once again as part of the Winter at Tantora entertainment line-up. Across two nights this coming weekend, AlUla’s balconies will transform into stages as top musicians from Egyptian Coral Rouh Al Sharq deliver incredible live performances and classic music masterpieces.

December 29: Magida El Roumi Concert

Performing live at Maraya, the Lebanese renowned singer who has been an ever-present figure on the regional scene since the 1970s. With a cherished discography spanning classic Arab hits, Lebanese folk songs, religious hymns, and patriotic anthems, Magida’s albums have been highly successful commercially and critically – meaning a brilliant night is in store for visitors as part of the AlUla Moments concert series.

Until December 31: Tantora Celebration

Rooted in ritual and ceremony, the Tantora Celebration transforms AlUla Old Town into a hive of activity, discovery, and celebrations with dazzling performances, projection shows, cultural displays, and heritage experiences across 10 epic nights of spectacular entertainment.

Until January 21: Word of AlUla

Commemorating the richness of the Arabic language and culture, this program of workshops, exhibitions, talks, and live performances enables visitors to explore the diverse facets of the Arabic language and its influence on art, literature, music, and society. Word of AlUla’s workshops will be held across two locations – the scenic Daimumah Oasis and the buzzing AlJadidah Arts District.

January 5: Poets Night

Featuring a diverse line-up of poets and singers who celebrate poetry in all its forms, this activation showcases Arabian talent with live performances under AlUla’s starry night sky. Visitors will embark on a cultural experience of emotions live from Sadu Escape, the iconic retreat nestled in AlUla’s majestic landscapes.

January 5 to 6 & January 12 to 13: AlUla Citrus Festival

Winter at Tantora Citrus Festival

This festival is an excellent opportunity to taste the ripest fruits the oasis has to offer during the harvest season’s peak. Visitors can buy fruits directly from farmers, taste the tang of freshly squeezed juice, and find local family-owned businesses selling citrus-based products like soaps and jams.

January 9 to February 25: Tafoni Store

Winter at Tantora Tafoni store

This unique retail-themed exhibition casts a spotlight on the creative talents of local and regional designers alongside a host of beauty, fashion, home, and lifestyle brands that reflect AlUla’s identity. Located at an indoor pavilion in the AlJadidah Arts District, the Tafoni Store will run beyond Winter at Tantora’s conclusion, providing visitors with a brilliant buy-as-you-go shopping experience.

January 11 to 12: AlUla Trail Race

AlUla Trail Race

This thrilling two-day running event is back with its second edition, inviting athletes of all abilities to test their strength amid the ancient city’s breathtaking and diverse landscapes. From a 100km Sharaan Trail ultramarathon to the 50km Hegra Trail ultramarathon, the Elephant Rock Trail 25km half marathon to the Oasis Trail 10km fun run and a 1.4km kids’ run, the event promises an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

January 12: Abadi AlJohar Concert

A wonderful night of live music awaits at Maraya when Saudi musician, singer, and composer Dr. Abadi AlJohar performs as part of the AlUla Moments concert series. AlJohar has composed around 50 albums since he began his musical career in 1968, and he is one of the most popular Khaleeji singers in the Gulf.

January 18: Hegra Candlelit Classics

Winter at Tantora Hegra Candlelit

The cherished candlelight concert returns to Hegra during Winter at Tantora, combining the elegance of classical music with creative set design and the enchanting glow of candlelight. Like the previous edition, the concert will feature a repertoire of live classical music performed by pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi alongside a talented mix of Saudi musicians, as candlelight illuminations create a magical and evocative environment.

January 19: Swiss Orchestra Concert

Winter at Tantora Swiss Orchestra

The Swiss Orchestra will perform live from Mayara, the state-of-the-art venue and centrepiece of AlUla’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, as the brand provides visitors with a delightful evening through a treasure trove of outstanding music. Credited for igniting the Swiss symphonic renaissance and innovating the international music scene, the Swiss Orchestra has dazzled global audiences since its 2018 debut with renditions of famous Swiss composers and legendary figures, including Beethoven and Mozart.

January 17 to 20: Richard Mille Desert Polo

Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo

The world’s first modern polo tournament set in a one-of-a-kind desert environment returns to AlUla with a fabulous third edition live from the Equestrian Village at AlUla. Some of the sport’s best players and biggest names are making their way to AlUla for a tournament unlike any other, as eight teams face off in a series of adrenaline-packed matches over four days, set against the stunning backdrop of AlUla’s breathtaking canyons.

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