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KAFD to host exclusive dining series, The Culinary Canvas

Guests can watch up close – and savour at length – the work of stars at the peak of their creative powers…

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure? Well, buckle up because we’re diving fork-first into KAFD Culinary Experience – The Culinary Canvas.

Taking place every week, this exclusive dining series at KAFD Financial Plaza sees unique gastronomic experiences made available to food enthusiasts. Some of the finest chefs from restaurants selected by the Michelin Guide will be cooking up a storm, alongside pioneering local artists to bridge the gap between two worlds’ culinary excellence and visual artistry.


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In the heart of our bustling city, creativity knows no bounds and gastronomic wonders await.

A true delight for culinary art lovers

The Culinary Canvas is about creating a memorable journey for every diner. Outstanding food aside, the focus is on local ingredients and celebrating local culture and arts.

Match-ups for its first dinner series held last Tuesday December 12 included Executive Chef Rahil Aga from Dubai’s Carnival by Trèsind and renowned Saudi artist Faisal Samra, who joined forces under the theme “Petals of Truth”.


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Meanwhile, the theme for the second dinner series of KAFD’s Culinary Canvas on Thursday December 21 is “Saudi Prints”.

It will feature Chef Kelvin Cheung from Jun’s Dubai, whose menu reflects his cosmopolitan outlook, packing flavours he’s picked up along the way into sophisticated spins on comfort fare. Diners can expect a fusion of international and local ingredients behind each dish.

The experience will be a collaboration with Saudi visual artist Hmoud Alattawi, who will be staging his work through the lens of Saudi culture.

So, don’t miss this sensational dinner experience that enriches all your senses through music, visual art, and delicious dishes.

Stay tuned to KAFD’s Instagram account for news on more of The Culinary Canvas collaborations to come and details on how to nab these coveted reservations.

The Culinary Canvas: Saudi Prints, Dec 21, 8pm to 10pm, KAFD Financial Plaza, Riyadh. Book your spots here. SAR500 for a single ticket & SAR750 per couple. @kafd

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