Adventure entertainment experience Prison Island has landed in Riyadh

The facility features 35 cells where teams can solve puzzles, complete challenges, and collect points…

Love escape rooms? This is way better. Riyadh’s latest one-of-a-kind challenge requires you to do your time in Prison Island.

Located on the first floor of Park Avenue Mall, this ultimate prison-themed indoor attraction promises hours of fun and adventure for everyone between the ages of eight and 88 years.

What it’s really like to be incarcerated

Prison Island has 35 themed cells filled with challenges and can accommodate up to 180 inmates. Encouraging imagination, quick thinking, sharp logic, creativity and teamwork, each cell is an individual puzzle, drizzled in a riddle, and you’ll need to beat them all if you want to be crowned as the “Prison Boss”.

Prison Island

You are free to tackle the cells in any order. You can also retry the same cell as many times as you want. Every cell is worth different points and is ranked according to difficulty (tactics, techniques, and physicality).

You and your team of up to six players must use your skills and talents to crack codes and solve complex puzzles and quizzes in order to break free. But you don’t have to be an athlete to complete them. Many of the challenges require more brainpower, like Hands On, and some require balance and coordination, like the Green Mile.

But nothing gets us more fired up than a game of Whac-A-Mole. Meanwhile, Gates requires elite skill, patience, and a steady hand as you guide a ball through a collection of entryways.

Prison Island

There is only one way to escape from Prison Island: together. Your goal is to work together and score as many points as possible by beating all the challenges before time runs out.

The points you accumulate during the challenges are automatically registered in the computer system, and you’ll be able to view all the scores (yours and your competitors) on the screens you’ll find in the corridors as you make your way through the Prison.

So, prepare to test your tactical prowess, showcase your technical skills, and unleash your physical abilities. Time spent on Prison Island varies, but most spend at least two hours on their first visit. Think you’ve got what it takes to beat the bars?

Prison Island

Prices for the Prison Island start from SAR99 for juveniles and SAR149 for inmates. Activewear and trainers are required, and changing room facilities are available on-site.

Light up your game

But that’s not all. Experience the magic of Pixel as you plunge into an immersive game where the floor comes alive with enchanting LED lights, seamlessly shifting colours at the pulse of excitement. Your objective is to tread on the dynamically changing shades to score big, but beware of the sizzling reds. Are you ready to take on this electrifying challenge? Prices start at SAR59 per person for Pixel.

Prison Island, First Floor, Park Avenue Mall, 7042 Said Ibn Zayd Rd, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13247. Tel: 055 028 7066. @prisonisland.ksa

Images: Instagram / Provided