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This art exhibition in Riyadh will captivate you with its shower of colours

Ana Pušica’s solo exhibition, “Strip. Drip. Shower.”, is on display at Lift Gallery until the end of January…

Pinkish, blues, yellow and green tones appear boldly in Ana Pušica’s debut solo exhibition at Lift Gallery in Riyadh.

As you wander through the gallery, prepare to be dazzled by a brilliant explosion of candy colours. The exhibition, titled “Strip. Drip. Shower.”, is a visual feast that uplifts your spirits and ignites your sense of wonder.

The artist pours these brilliant hues onto her canvases with sensitivity to colour and brush dynamics. The result? Her work exudes an almost dancing lightness and a painterly virtuosity.


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With their serendipitous splatters and swirls, Pušica’s bewitching artworks create a moment of freedom and joie de vivre for the viewer. It’s easy to understand what it is about those bursts, splashes and drips of colours and forms that captivate us.

The woman behind the drips

The Serbian-born German artist is known for her large-scale lyrical abstractions that reflect the poetry of her inner world.

Ana Pušica

Pušica’s works are characterised by their vivid, imaginative nature. Through her use of mixed media and experimental techniques, she creates pieces that are at once abstract and figurative, capturing the essence of her subjects while also encouraging viewers to bring their own interpretations to the works.

“Strip. Drip. Shower.” runs until Wednesday January 31. So, come and step into the world of Pušica’s artistry, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a colourful utopia that allows you to explore multiple layers of joy, happiness and wonder.

Strip. Drip. Shower. Exhibition by Ana Pušica, until Jan 31, Lift Gallery, Tafaseel Park, Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12332, Sun, Tues, Thurs & Fri 4pm to 10pm, Wed, Sat & Mon 11am to 11pm. @gallery.lift

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