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Explore Saudi culture at Makshat Festival and Exhibition in Riyadh

Explore Saudi hospitality at its finest…

If you deep dive into Saudi Arabia, you’ll see just how gorgeous and extensive the country’s culture actually is. And when there’s a chance to celebrate it, you best believe we’re going to be there. The third edition of the Makshat Festival and Exhibition in Riyadh is here.

The festival has free entrance until Saturday Janaury 6, and from Sunday January 7 until Saturday January 13, you’ll need to book a SAR20 ticket online to explore the vibrancy of the culture.


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The popular event combines the four main elements that embody Saudi Arabia’s heritage, culture, and hospitality. The elements include Makshat which will showcase the spirit of adventure and love for nature. Here, visitors can enjoy unique experiences on desert trips and hunting. Tools and equipment for desert trips and hunting will be provided.

Saudi coffee

There will also be a focus on Saudi Coffee, where visitors will be taken on an exciting journey to the world of flavours and exquisite aromas of coffee. The experience will introduce the process from the farming stage to harvesting, as well as new experiments with Saudi coffee farmers, producers, traders, and enthusiasts. There will also be a Saudi coffee preparation competition for children aged 12.

The Saudi cuisine corner is where you can taste distinctive dishes that reflect the diversity of the rich culture in the Kingdom. Visitors will be immersed in an atmosphere of delicious flavours and unique experiences, introducing new generations, tourists, and visitors to the authentic Saudi culinary culture.

The fourth and final element of Saudi culture is welcoming and bidding guests farewell. Oud is a huge part of the culture and visitors will be taken on a journey to the world of luxurious oud and its various local compositions.

Makshat Festival and Exhibition in Riyadh, QQQ4+6V6, Ghirnatah, Riyadh 13242, daily 3pm to 11pm. Book your spot here now.