A Cloud 7 Hotel is coming to Al Ahsa. Here’s what to expect

The Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa will feature 120 rooms and suites designed for both short- and long-stay guests…

Mention Al Ahsa, and the first thing that will come to mind is the world’s biggest oasis. Located in the Eastern Province, Al Ahsa is worth a visit for its Unesco-designated status as a World Heritage Site.

Soon, it may be worth a road trip just to check out this upcoming new property – Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa, part of Kerten Hospitality’s ambitious expansion in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Saudi Arabian group Hwadi.

What to expect at Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa

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The 120-room property will stand out for its extensive use of greenery throughout its exterior and interior spaces, drawing inspiration from its environment. Local art and design elements create a space that reflects Al Ahsa’s vibrant culture and landscape.

Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa will offer a lively mix of commercial and social functions. It is expected to be able to accommodate large events like weddings and conferences, and its communal space will be the destination where the residents and visitors can come together, enjoy the facilities, and connect.

The hotel will also be the starting point for unforgettable adventures and fascinating discoveries. Visitors can look forward to diverse curated events, festivals and performances showcasing the region’s rich heritage and diversity.

Two of the most appealing new offerings at the hotel will be the Ouspace and Food Souk, which will combine business and social innovation.

Ouspace is a business and social hub that fosters entrepreneurship and community interaction. The space is tailored to the needs of modern professionals, offering a dynamic environment that combines work, social interaction, and cultural engagement.

Meanwhile, Food Souk – one of Kerten Hospitality’s F&B brands – is a social dining destination with various local and regional dining concepts, including start-ups. This helps support the emerging generation of culinary talents in the Kingdom, offering them a flexible and empowering platform to kickstart their business.

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, said, “The Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa embodies Kerten Hospitality’s core values – innovation, community engagement, and a forward-thinking approach to hospitality. The project’s scope extends beyond traditional hotel services, focusing on enriching the Al Ahsa community through a socially resonant offering and experience that transcends the conventional hotel room.”

At the moment, though, there is no official opening date for Cloud 7 Hotel Al Ahsa, but stay tuned to What’s On for updates.

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