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Get away from it all at Minzal Cultural Camp for Diriyah Season

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Just when we thought winter was gone for good, there seems to be a nip in the air again. And if you’re anything like us, you’d want to savour the weather while it lasts. Enter: Minzal Cultural Camp for Diriyah Season.

The very first cultural camp in Saudi Arabia, Minzal, is a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates and showcases the most captivating tales of Diriyah’s charm and beauty.

The unique camp is designed to spotlight the incredible history of Diriyah across five distinct areas. Your journey begins in the mesmerizing Khayaal area, passing through intriguing Birwaz Workshops, followed by the captivating Adeem area, the cultural haven of AlMashab, and finally, ending in the enchanting Al-Madar.

Walk through the Khayaal area, and you can look forward to Hathloul’s Horse Riding Extravaganza, a spectacular horse exhibition, and a glamour display of intricate and artistic horse decorations.

Next, make your way up to Birwas and explore a wide range of workshops, including pottery, sewing, and gardening.

Witness captivating live performances on the elevated plateau stage at Adeem while you tuck into delectable culinary delights, aromatic coffee, and exquisite sweets.

AlMashbab is a barbecue sanctuary guided by a skilled chef and relax by the bonfire in the seating area. Next, at AlMadaar, you can explore enlightening sessions with Professor Ahmed Al-Arini, unravelling information, historical secrets, and popular myths about the cosmic wonders.

Minzal Cultural Camp, Wadi Safar, Thu to Fri 5pm to 2am, Sat 5pm to midnight. Book your SAR350 ticket here.