11 delicious Saudi restaurants in Riyadh to eat at now

It’s time to go local…

Saudi restaurants in Riyadh come in spades, and we’ve cherry picked truly the best ones for you to dig into, hand first.

Saudi cuisine always has a special place in hearts of Riyadh locals, and rightfully so. The traditional local fare is certainly hard to beat when it comes to good food in Riyadh.

Get ready to sit cross-legged, majlis-style to enjoy these top class Saudi restaurants in Riyadh.

Al Saudi

Founded in 1994, Al Saudi has been bringing traditional Saudi cuisine to Riyadh locals. This cool restaurant is known to serve quality food in its many locations in the city. Dig into mandi, mathbi or madfoun (maybe even all three). Highlights on the menu also include hashi (camel) kabsa, zorbian, and of course the grilled chicken.

Al Saudi, daily 11am to midnight, Al Amariyah, As Sulimaniyah. Tel: 9200 09515. @alsaudi_sa

Aseeb Najd

A newly opened spot in Riyadh’s Alyasmin district. The restaurant aims to provide you with a an authentic Najdi experience. The family owned restaurant’s story began with Abu Saud and his wife Umm Saud. The couple set out to turn their love for home cooking to a restaurant based on the foundations of the Najdi cuisine. Main dishes include jareesh, qursan, and saleeg.

Aseeb Najd, daily noon to midnight, Anas Bin Malik Rd, Alyasmin. Tel: 9200 28226. @aseeb.najd

Hamsa W Taghmeesa

Saudi breakfast reigns supreme. There’s just something about fresh bread, warm gravies, and fresh flavours to start your day off right. The spot is decked out in cutesy knick-knacks, and offering street views for prime people-watching while you tuck into a great breakfast. The fuul, kebdah, and shakshuka come highly recommended, so don’t leave without trying them.

Hamsa W Taghmeesa, Al Abbas Ibn Abd Al Mouttaleb, Sun to Thu 5am to 3am, Fri 5am to 11am, 1pm to 5pm, Sat 5am to 5pm. @hamsawtaghmeesa

Nakha Tahameiah

Here, traditional Saudi seating meets minimalistic decor. Picture all-white floor majlis seating, complete with beige rugs and overhead lights, and you’ll feel like you’re right at home in your choice of restaurant. Here, you can tuck into juicy meat and chicken, served with delicious kabsa rice and a variety of salads.

Nakha Tahameiah, Said Ibn Zayd Rd, Qurtubah, daily 11.30pm to 2am. @nakha_tahameiah



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Another top breakfast restaurant, Tameesa can be found nestled inside the quaint Alyasmin district. The cute spot has indoor and outdoor seating and serves killer meat mugalgal, kebdah (liver), and the contemporary fusion that is the falafel pizza.

Tameesa, King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, Alyasmin, Sat to Thu 5am to 3.45pm, Fri 5am to 11.30am, 12.30pm to 3.45pm. @tameesa_sa

Al Romansiah

One of the oldest Saudi chain restaurants in town, AlRomansiah has earned a soft spot in the heart of all Riyadh (read: the nation’s) diners. The venue is the perfect celebration of authentic Saudi flavours. Here, we recommend you try any of the madfoons (marinated meat cooked underground), madhthgoots, and of course the kabsas.

AlRomansiah Restaurants, various locations, Sat to Wed 10.30am to 12.30am, Thu 10.30am to 1am, Fri 12.15pm to 1am. @alromansiahksa

Dr. Kabsa


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The doctor is in, get ready to take a bite. Dr. Kabsa serves up delicious looking chicken madfoon, hashi (camel) makmut and of course, tonnes of kabsa options too. Take your pick from kabsa al-shuyoukh with meat, and hashi kabsa too. Dress it up with a side of tahini, salata shiekh, or cucumber salad and take a bite. Rice options include either red rice or Peshawar rice.

Dr. Kabsa, daily 11am to 12.30am, 4595 Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi Rd. Tel:  9200 20717. @dr_kabsa



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One of the most recent restaurant openings in Riyadh, Maiz is a part of the famous Bujairi Terrace in Diriyah. If you’re after a fine-dining venue to enjoy the true essence of Saudi fare, head here. Step into the space and you’ll see modern decor, we’re talking full glass chandeliers, comfy leather chairs and a bar. Discover the many regions of Saudi through dishes like jareesh, saleeg, and more.

Maiz, daily 7pm to midnight, Bujairi Terrace. Tel: 9200 15513. @maizriyadh

Najd Village

Najd Village has to be one of (if not the) the most stunning restaurants in Riyadh. Aiming to immerse you in the rich of the history and heritage of the Najdi region of Saudi Arabia, the restaurant has the traditional mudbrick architecture that Saudi is known for. Here you can feast your eyes and your bellies on old time objects and good food respectively. Hands at the ready, and eat mandi, maqloba (upside rice dish), and mogalgal (boneless lamb cubes cooked in tomato sauce).

Najd Village, daily 11am to midnight, Abi Bakr As Siddiq Rd, Al Wahah. Tel: 9200 33511. @najdvillagesa



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A Saudi fusion restaurant, Takya has just opened its doors in Diriyah’s Bujairi Terrace. Focused on creating reinvented versions of traditional Saudi cuisine. The venue is also the first Saudi-owned fine-dining restaurant. Its signature dish is saleeg, which is a creamy rice dish served with  sautéed chicken.

Takya, Weekdays 4pm to midnight, Weekends 2pm to 1am. Reservations can be made here. Tel: 055 0402 000. @takya_sa



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Award-winning restaurant Suhail, is definitely one of the best Saudi restaurants in Riyadh. The fine-dining spot is located in MEFIC Centre in the An Nakheel district. Here you can enjoy contemporary Saudi cuisine like traditional winter dessert hanini in a cheesecake form (experimental, we know), camel steaks with saffron potato puree and pumpkin ravioli. After more traditional items? Try out the jareesh, qursan or Hijazi lamb mabshor.

Suhail, noon to 1am, MEFIC Centre. Tel: 9200 02690. @suhail_saudi

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