Watch: NEOM's latest video reveals rapid progress on The Line

The first phase of The Line will be completed by 2030…

A head-spinning architectural marvel unlike anything ever done before, The Line is Saudi Arabia’s visionary vertical city, welcoming to what the future of living looks like. Stretching 170 kilometres from the mountains of NEOM through desert valleys to the coast of the Red Sea, this mirrored structure towers 500 metres above sea level. It runs 200 metres wide, making it a space-saving city that will eventually house 9 million residences.

You’ll never be further than a two-minute walk away from serene natural spaces dotted around multiple levels, and there’ll be no roads or emissions, with a high-speed railway getting residents from end-to-end in 20 minutes. Plus, it’s all 100 per cent powered by renewable energy.


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Work is now well underway, and one of the most ambitious projects the world has ever seen is progressing rapidly.

A newly released video by NEOM shows the world’s largest earthworks stretching across the desert into the distance, with excavators and lines of trucks busy preparing the necessary foundations for the building. The scale is incredible, and work continues 24/7 to move around millions of cubic meters of soil and water each week.

According to the video, “Representing the world’s biggest earthworks operation, work continues around the clock.” It’s also revealed that the first phase of The Line will be completed by 2030. This ambitious undertaking, once a futuristic vision, seems to be becoming a reality.

Take a look at the current stage of the city of the future as it progresses with construction at pace and scale.

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