Be dazzled by colourful flowers at the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival 2024

It might just be the travelling Instagrammer’s dream…

Yanbu Industrial City will be taking on a new identity as it becomes the largest open-air flower garden in the Kingdom.

If you’ve ever been to the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival, you’ll know that luxuriating in the colourful gardens is often the star of the show. The event, set on the grounds of Celebration Park, returns on Thursday February 15 and will run until Saturday March 9.

Yanbu Flowers Fest

It’s guaranteed to be fun-filled weeks that will reignite your horticultural imagination.

Yanbu in full bloom

This annual extravaganza transforms the coastal city of Yanbu into a mesmerising show of colours, drawing visitors from across the regions to witness the blooming spectacle.

The festival’s line-up includes a wide range of activities, live performances, and cultural exhibitions crafted to provide a memorable experience for everyone – from nature enthusiasts and culture aficionados to families looking for a day out.

Yanbu Flowers Fest

It will house bird and butterfly gardens, a recycling garden, a strawberry farm, and – yes, you guessed it – masterful displays of colourful floral landscapes meticulously crafted by talented Saudi youth from the Royal Commission’s flower nursery in Yanbu.

Visitors can marvel at the arranged flower beds, showcasing a diverse collection of local and exotic blooms. From vibrant tulips and roses to indigenous desert flowers, the festival is a visual feast – perfect for the ‘Gram.

Get inspired on a stroll down the open-air garden

Alongside the stunning flowers decorating the landscape, the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival also offers a rich cultural experience. There will be traditional music, dance performances, and art exhibitions to celebrate the region’s heritage. You can also take home unique souvenirs from the local artisans and craftsmen.

Yanbu Flowers Fest

The event also organises educational programmes and workshops for those interested in learning more about gardening and flower arrangements – plus, horticultural experts will be on hand to answer all your burning gardening questions.

Yanbu Flowers Fest

While the Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival sounds (and looks) like the setting of a fairytale, it’s actually a wonderful way to spend your weekend with the family. Children can enjoy interactive exhibits, face painting, and even storytelling sessions.

Yanbu Flowers Fest

Of course, it’s worth going alone for the abundant display of beautiful flowers overflowing with scent and colours. Afterall, the festival has previously secured multiple entries in the Guinness World Records, including for the world’s largest flower carpet.

Yanbu Flower and Garden Festival 2024, Feb 15 to Mar 9, 5pm to 11pm, Celebration Park, Yanbu Industrial City. The ticket is priced at SAR11.50 and can be purchased here.

Images: Yanbuflowerfestival.com