Live out your Mario Kart dreams at this augmented reality go-kart experience

BattleKart has zipped into Riyadh…

Fans of classic racing games like Mario Kart are in for a real treat. BattleKart at the GameOn Entertainment Centre in Riyadh is the first interactive e-karting venue in the Middle East. It will transport you and your friends to immersive virtual worlds, where you can race through futuristic landscapes, overcome virtual obstacles, and unleash fantastical weapons.

BattleKart combines video gaming, augmented reality, and go-karting to create one unforgettable experience. It’s like playing your favourite computer game in real life.

Ready for some thrilling adventure?

Feel like a video game character as you rush through the experience. Hop into your electric kart, marked with your nickname, and whiz around the track lit by projectors. But you won’t just be driving around a lit-up racecourse; you’ll also be interacting with it.


Pass over mystery boxes to get bonuses like speed boosters, missiles you can shoot at other drivers (using the triggers on your steering wheel), and oil that causes others to spin out. It’s all very Nintendo 64 Mario Kart, just without the licensing.

Play IN the game

Look forward to a variety of game modes at BattleKart. There are six experiences, including BattleRace. Complete the most laps within a set time limit while avoiding traps and attacks from your fellow drivers. Bonuses include speed bursts, a shield for immunity, covering the track with oil to make your opponent lose control and more.

In BattleColour, you’ll split into teams, drive along a gridded track, and cover it with the assigned colour of your team.


Play a virtual football game in a kart with BattleFoot, where you ‘kick’ balls around the lit-up field, fight against a killer virus in BattleVirus, or aim to become the longest ‘snake’ by collecting coloured fruits around the track in BattleSnake.

Meanwhile, in BattlePool, two teams will battle it out on the biggest, flashiest pool table you’ve ever seen.

A real treat for karting enthusiasts

One 15-minute session of this high-adrenaline, immersive go-karting experience costs SAR120 and it’s SAR100 for two sessions, while the subsequent sessions cost SAR80.

Whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner, BattleKart Riyadh awaits you, allowing you to feel the adrenaline of a kart race while immersing yourself in a captivating virtual world. So, why not book a session?

BattleKart Riyadh, 2pm to 2am, GameOn Entertainment Centre, 3112 Al Bahar Al Arabi, Ishbiliyah, Riyadh 13226. The ticket is priced at SAR120 per person and can be purchased here. @battlekart_ruh

Images: PlatinumList