Ramadan nights at Bujairi Terrace: Here’s what to expect

From delish iftar menus to pop-up retail spaces and daily entertainment…

Think buzzy atmosphere and starry nights with exceptional views of the Unesco World Heritage Site At-Turaif. If that’s not dreamy enough of a reason to get you to Bujairi Terrace, Ramadan nights at the birthplace of the Kingdom in Diriyah, complete with a curated Michelin-star gastronomic experience and various interactive activities and events, might.

The magnificence of the design of the place and its historical importance aside, Bujairi Terrace invites guests to fully embrace the season and immerse themselves in a distinctive blend of cultural richness.

Look forward to an array of delish Iftar menus, and check out the stunning rooftop terraces, exclusive pop-up retail spaces, and incredible outdoor entertainment.

Where to dine

Ramadan at Bujairi Terrace dine

You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 20 eateries here. Iftar menus are available at several of Bujairi Terrace’s stunning restaurants, including Saudi favourite Takya, the world-renowned Hakkasan and Villa Mamas. Offering an innovative fusion of authentic and contemporary Saudi cuisine, Takya’s Iftar set menu features an indulgent selection of traditional local dishes with an international flavour, such as sweet fig and Mandarin salad, rich lamb hasawi rice, Kabuli rice with chicken and shrimp muflag. Sweet treats include creamy Mastic cheesecake, hunini and kleeja tart.

Craving for Chinese cuisine? Hakkasan offers a delightful Iftar set menu, ranging from traditional dim sum platters, wok-fried rib eye beef, sweet and sour chicken, and chicken sweetcorn soup to the Shaban Desire for the sweetest endings.

Villa Mamas’ Ramadan menu promises not just a meal but a tale where regional flavours are celebrated and culinary traditions are honoured. Indulge in mouth-watering appetisers from fried butter chicken dumplings, lamb kibbeh or cheese and jalapeno sambosa. Mains include ravioli lamb margoog, shish barak and chicken tahchin, while the dessert selection includes classic Um Ali, luqaimat and creamy rice pudding, muhalabiah.

What to do

Ramadan at Bujairi Terrace activities

Wander through the light-filled Bujairi Terrace and embrace the true atmosphere of Ramadan. Traditional Ramadan activities include inscribing your name on a branded book by a calligrapher, getting a traditional henna pattern, and expressing your feelings, reflections, and gratitude by etching into the Appreciation Tree.

Look out for the wandering Fanoos, consisting of ten ladies adorned in beautiful thematic abayas carrying large lanterns throughout Bujairi Terrace, and the cool telescopes being set up in a special area where visitors can view the Eid moon.

Looking for some fun-filled ideas to keep kids amused at Bujairi Terrace? In addition to the carousel rides, the little ones can unleash their creativity through chalk colouring on the Najidi-style house, and taking part in a drum-making workshop to learn about the vibrant musical heritage of Saudi Arabia. There’s also a storytelling session by a Hakawati who will be narrating popular Saudi folk tales.

Bujairi Terrace, Diriyah, 7295 King Faisal Rd, Riyadh 13711. Ramadan hours: Daily 5pm to 4am. Bookings can be made here. @bujairiterrace

Images: Supplied / Instagram