Diriyah Season 2024: Asayel is a stunning display of man and horse

The Kingdom’s first-of-its-kind theatrical horse show is like nothing you have seen before…

Horse aficionados will enjoy the unique beauty of ‘Asayel’, a new equestrian theatrical show galloping through Riyadh, as part of Diriyah Season 2024. Featuring 40 performers and 40 stallions, the multimedia show is a breathtaking reimagining of the theatrical and equestrian arts.

‘Asayel’ is mesmerising – bringing out the child in everyone as we watch the horses trot, canter, and gallop in unison without missing a beat. Held at the Mayadeen Theatre, the show, which runs until Friday March 8, is truly a design marvel, and we can’t help but gape with admiration at the innovative spectacle that overwhelms our senses.

In the show, you can expect first-class show effects, dance and acrobatic interludes, as well as rousing music, in addition to the unique riding skills.

‘Asayel’ weaves the magic of Diriyah through the bonding of Fahad, a man from Diriyah, and his most trusted ally, Asayel, the horse. Asayel is later passed to Fahad’s son, Faris, who experiences hardship before navigating the modern city of Diriyah with his animal companion, eventually leading the community to unity and determination.

So, what does the show entail? Without revealing too much, the set is simplistic and perfect. It is mostly a sandy arena with minimal props and massive screens that fill the entire back of the stage area to set the scene. Think images of Diriyah over the years, a massive sandstorm, and more.

Even though the show’s four-legged stars have been extensively trained, there is a volatility that permeates the show. It can be exhilarating to watch as horse and rider perform on the show’s stage. And while the more complex tricks performed are impressive, so are the quieter moments as the horses are controlled with simple voice commands or gestures.

Asayel Horse Show Diriyah

Sharing the stage with the horses is an equally impressive team of human acrobats and dancers. When combined with music and visuals, the effect is a sensory overload. Other visual elements include a dazzling fire display in the show’s finale.

What we loved most about the show was how the horses and the humans worked together effortlessly. The only thing missing from ‘Asayel’ is a narrative thread to unite it all. Fortunately, that element fails to overshadow this grand cacophony of sounds, images, world-class acrobatics, and superb horsemanship.

As it stands, ‘Asayel’ is very pretty to look at; there’s no doubt that ‘Asayel’ will appeal to all ages and cultures, not just those enthused about horses. Even if you can’t tell a trot from a canter, it’s hard to resist the breathtaking charms of the four-legged superstars in ‘Asayel’.

This first-of-its-kind theatrical horse show in the Kingdom is like nothing you have seen before. ‘Asayel’ truly is a stunning display of man and horse. Gallop, don’t walk to catch it.

Asayel Theatrical Horse Show, until Mar 8, 4pm to 5pm & 9pm to 10pm, Mayadeen Theatre, Diriyah 13714. The tickets are priced at SAR75 for the silver category, SAR150 for gold, and SAR250 for the VIP, and can be purchased here. @diriyahseason