Ramadan 2024 in AlUla: your complete guide

Get away from it all…

Ramadan is officially here, and every city in the Kingdom will be celebrating the holiest month of the year. And if you’re considering spending Ramadan 2024 in AlUla, here’s everything to look forward to.

Hotel offers

Ramadan Staycation at Banyan Tree AlUla

Book a stay in the heart of the Ashar Valley under starlit skies, embrace serenity in your private villa, and connect with your surroundings. Indulge in a discounted rejuvenating spa treatment and invigorating complimentary yoga classes before breaking your fast with a delightful Iftar at Harrat Restaurant.


A night at peace at Habitas AlUla

Habitas AlUla Villa

Looking for a more sustainable getaway? Habitas AlUla is the perfect spot for you. Surround yourself with the beauty of Ashar Valley and AlUla Canyons with a stay in one of Habitas’ luxury villas. Overnight stay packages start at SAR2,000 during Ramadan, including breakfast and dinner, or Suhoor and Iftar.


Ramadan room specials at Shaden Resort

Starting at SAR1,500 per room, at Shaden, you can look forward to high-end health club facilities and complimentary in-room amenities, their half-board rate includes delicious iftar and suhoor buffets for two.



Communal iftar experience at Banyan Tree AlUla

Experience the true essence of spending Ramadan within a community. Step into a traditional bedouin tent and be transported into a world of Arabian heritage while tucking into an iftar surrounded by people at SAR403.


Iftar under the stars at Habitas AlUla


There’s nothing better than having Iftar under the stars. Take a culinary journey under the awe-inspiring AlUla’s night sky. Popular Chef Sebastian is curating a special menu focused on Saudi Arabian flavours using locally sourced ingredients and earth ovens at SAR600.


Iftar at Tama

Tama Habitas AlUla

Tama by Habitas AlUla is also offering an amazing iftar experience. Throughout the month of Ramadan, the venue will be offering two set menus featuring delicacies from the Levantine region while being surrounded by breathtaking views of the Ashar Valley.

Book your SAR350 spot here.

Iftar at Harrat

Middle Eastern fare reigns supreme at Harrat by Banyan Tree. Together with a selection of classic Ramadan dishes complete with a Banyan Tree twist, the restaurant will also serve cuisines from all over the world made fresh on live cooking stations at SAR518.


AlJadidah Iftar

Immerse yourself in the true spirit of Ramadan at this communal open-air Iftar in the AlJadidah Arts District. Held on Friday March 22, the event will seat up to 70 diners, this experience will foster a real sense of community during this special time through authentic, regional cuisine and participants from the local neighbourhood.

Book your spot from SAR25 here.


Ramadan Incense Road Lights

Look up. AlUla’s Incense Road in AlJadidah is lighting up with a captivating Ramadan celebration. Picture this, sparkling lights, ornate lanterns, and the smell of incense greet you as you walk through vibrant tapestries and food carts.


Fawzer AlUla

During the weekends, experience the fun of Fawzer AlUla at the Old Town Amphitheatre. A host will be asking riddles, and whoever answers correctly will win a gift that reflects the theme of this time of the year.

Iftar & Stargazing

Head to Gharameel for a rare view of the Milky Way. Enjoy stunning, unobstructed views of the twinkling stars above. All tours include a grilled dinner, which will be prepared for visitors around a campfire for SAR345.


Ramadan Carts

Stroll through AlJadidah and you’ll find an incredible selection of food carts, offering traditional Ramadan dishes prepared by local families. Expect everything from savoury treats to sweet delights while you’re there.

Art experiences

Desert X AlUla

Locations: Wadi AlFann, Harrat Uwayrid, and AlManshiyah Plaza

Desert X AlUla 2024

The international open-air art exhibition Desert X AlUla returns for its third edition. It runs until Saturday March 23, placing visionary contemporary artworks by Saudi and international artists amidst the extraordinary desert landscape of AlUla. This year’s exhibition features 15 newly commissioned artworks under the ‘In the Presence of Absence’ theme. Often dismissed as spaces of emptiness, deserts are rendered mute and static, but there is much more than meets the eye. Through the artwork, the artists of Desert X AlUla ask, “What cannot be seen?” and invite spectators to explore the stories that lurk within the dunes of AlUla.

Desert X AlUla 2024, until Mar 23, 10.30am to 6.30pm. Free entry, but you need to book your day pass here.

Wadi AlFann presents Manal AlDowayan

Location: AlJadidah Arts District

Manal AlDowayan

Immerse yourself in Manal AlDowayan’s ‘Oasis of Stories’ and her exhibition presented in collaboration with Sabrina Amrani Gallery. Manal is one of the first five artists commissioned to exhibit at/in Wadi AlFann, a new cultural destination for contemporary art set to open in 2026. This is the first time the drawings gathered from her participatory workshops are being exhibited to the public, a crucial milestone in the trajectory and development of her work ‘Oasis of Stories’ and Wadi AlFann.

The first exhibition marks a milestone in the development of ‘Oasis of Stories’: on display are hundreds of drawings gathered from the artist’s participatory workshops with communities across AlUla. These drawings and stories will eventually be inscribed into the walls of the ‘Oasis of Stories’, enabling AlUla’s residents to leave their permanent trace in Wadi AlFann.

A parallel exhibition presented in collaboration with Sabrina Amrani Gallery, titled ‘Their Love Is Like All Loves, Their Death Is Like All Deaths’, delves further into Manal’s practice, with works including tussar silk sculptures, AlUla-inspired drawings, engraved clay works, and Sadu weaving, mirroring Saudi traditions.

Wadi AlFann presents Manal AlDowayan, Sun to Thurs 4pm to 10pm, Fri & Sat noon to 10pm. Free entry.

More than Meets the Eye

Location: Maraya


View an exhibition of artworks crafted over the past 25 years from private Saudi Arabian collections. Showcasing paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and videos, this free exhibition is an ode to the diversity and creativity of local modern and contemporary artists, with many works coming into the public eye for the first time. It includes works by pioneering Saudi artists, such as Abdulhalim Radwi, Mohammed Alsaleem and Mounirah Mously, alongside leading contemporary Saudi artists, such as Ahmed Mater, Muhannad Shono and Dana Awartani, and explores connections, influences and shared stories from across generations of Saudi artists.

More than Meets the Eye Exhibition, until Apr 27, Sun to Thurs 2pm to 10pm & Fri 2pm to midnight. Free entry, but booking is required here.  

AlUla Artist Residency        

Locations: Mabiti in The Palm Grove and Madrasat Addeera


Arts AlUla presents two Artist Residency exhibitions: the Visual Art Residency exhibition, ‘The Shadow Over Everything’, and the Design Residency exhibition, ‘Unguessed Kinships’, which run until Tuesday April 30, emphasising AlUla’s emerging role as a focal point for cultural exchange and artistic innovation in the region. The exhibitions showcase pieces created by international artists and designers invited to participate in the AlUla Artist Residency Programme, founded in partnership with the French Agency for AlUla Development (Afalula).

AlUla Artist Residency, until Apr 30, Sun to Wed 10am to 2pm & 4pm to 11pm, Thurs to Sat 10am to 11pm.

Hassan Hajjaj Exhibition

Location: AlJadidah Arts District

Hassan Hajjaj Exhibition

Get an inspiring glimpse of AlUla’s community through the lens of renowned Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj. This outdoor photographic exhibition showcases captivating portraits of local people and residents, including farmers, sports teams, merchants, craftspeople and the creative community.

Hassan Hajjaj Exhibition, until Apr 27, daily 10am to midnight.