There's a Ramadan Tent coming to Via Riyadh

The tent will seat up to 230 guests…

True luxury is about to take centre stage in Via Riyadh. This Ramadan, the Riyadh Season zone will be debuting a brand-new Ramadan tent. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ramadan tent at Via Riyadh.

Opening its doors on Sunday March 17,  “Majlis, Ramadan Nights” will be the perfect fusion of luxury, culture, and culinary excellence, colouring the atmosphere with the warmth of the season.

Artfully curated for gatherings, the Ramadan tent at Via Riyadh will seat up to 230 guests, the buffet promises to tantalize taste buds through a refined but versatile menu selection during the entirety of Ramadan.

You can look forward to various international cuisines presented at allocated stations like the Arabic station, the traditional Saudi Fool station, live pasta, and Mutabak stations. For dessert, you can also look forward to velvety mousses, cheesecakes, and treasured traditional classics such as crispy Kunafa and irresistible Basbousas. 

That’s not all, though, after a hearty iftar, you can head up to the terrace lounge spaces and relax. Guests can also opt to dine à la carte or on an equally exquisite set menu during their Suhoor experience. 

You can either book the entire venue for private and upscale events with premium catering or reserve your table at the season’s most coveted Ramadan experience at Cool Inc.’s Majlis for SAR450 per person.

Ramadan tent at Via Riyadh, AlHada, 5pm to 2am. Book your spot here.